Twitter Analytics Software

Twitter Analytics in Excel
If you love Excel and wish your Twitter Analytics could be in there too, browse on over to  where you can purchase a PowerPivot template/model that connects to Plus One Social.  Then you can create your own insights using Excel’s features like PowerView, PowerMaps and other PowerBI features.  Simple, Easy and Effective.


Plus One Social Harvestor
After creating and maintaining the Excel for Twitter Analytics for over 3 years, I have found every limitation of Excel possible.  I’ve recently met up with a company that is building a new Twitter Analytics tool for the average person that can scale.  Simple, Fast and and great insights in seconds is what I have found!  One of the neat features is the data is stored in a desktop database which means you can connect your favorite reporting tool (Excel, Tableau, etc.) to it easily and create your own insights.   Browse on over to to download and use it for your own social media needs


As you can see from my blog, I’ve been using it in beta for a while and found that I could do much larger volumes of data.  With the ability to hook directly to the desktop database with other analytical tools, I can create amazing new insights.  Go give it a try at Enjoy, Patrick


18 thoughts on “Twitter Analytics Software

  1. Hi Patrick – I’m trying to get Analytics for Twitter to install with Office 2013; but I can only find a Office 2010 installer. I received an error message that “Office Shared Tools is a required component for interacting with Excel. Please run Office 2010 setup.exe and install Office Share Tools” – well, I went back to my Office 2013 Professional install media and ensured that the Office Shared Tools (along with everything else) was installed locally…

    It seems that this installer only works with 2010 – any ideas on work arounds? Did you experience these problems?


  2. I have 2010 32 bit. My question here originally was if you need to put in your credentials in the excel dashboard since i was getting a “401 credentials missing error”. I didn’t download it from here though. I know now that you dont need to put in anything and the issue is likely caz of API changes. If you have any advice or recommendation I would appreciated. thanks

  3. Patrick any chance of getting my hands on the latest Twitter Analytics for Excel software? Can you send it to me?

      1. Right, but that is other software than the original analytics for twitter plug-in. I really would just like to have that plug-in for Excel and that’s it. No other tools required. Any chance of getting the add-in for Excel?

  4. Love the direction for this app, but want to check on piece of functionality in current version…

    I have pulled tweets for ‘#Budget2014’ to analyse the response to Australia’s recent budget announcement. Tweets successfully pulled into local AccessDB, but they all have a ‘Tone Score’ of 0.

    Has this functionality been enabled in the current version?

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