Have Reports Gone Wild in your company? Not anymore with Report Catalog by Extended Results

ERCWe are proud to announce the release of our Report Catalog solution for Microsoft SharePoint.  Looking for a report?  Wondering which report out of 50 contain a specific metric you are looking for? Ever wonder if there are any related reports to the one you are current looking at? Extended Result’s Enterprise Reporting Catalog Server provides easy access to your library of reports with the ability to easily configure any associated metadata for customizable searching. This beautiful interface simplifies the task of finding the most current and accurate information for your business users. Reports from a variety of systems can be displayed within an easy to use viewer with many systems allowing for additional export, print and report detail features. In ONE place, enterprise wide, you can find reports simply and quickly without having to do a major integration project.

more at source: http://www.reportcatalog.com

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WorkPlace for Mobile–Field Enablement-Data Collection

A lot of companies are wondering how they can utilize mobile devices for different business usage scenarios.  We are working with some companies in regards to collecting data from field personnel.  We use our WorkPlace for Mobile solution as a distribution solution for SharePoint/InfoPath and Form based applications.   It works really well as we have the person login to WorkPlace for Mobile and can deliver the appropriate applications and forms based on their security access.   Then can quickly fill out the form and submit and it is posted right back in to their enterprise databases in real time.

Just think of all the possible scenarios for remote data collection.   Pretty powerful.

Information: http://www.workplaceformobile.com





Making data work–Exchange and Azure

Extended Results developed a PowerPivot dashboard that brings insight into how a sales executive spends his or her time. The solution imports meeting information from an Exchange calendar and displays various metrics such as total customers met with and customer face time. In addition, the solution mashes up meeting data with the Dunn & Bradstreet dataset on the Azure Data Market to bring a company’s credit ratings and company size into context.


  • · Excel 2010
  • · PowerPivot
  • · SQL Azure DataMarket
  • Enjoy, Patrick