Day #4 Where in the world are Patrick Husting and PUSHBI? #PUSHBI #PatrickHusting #Whereintheworld #bonappetit


Our CEO, Patrick Husting, is on a European Vacation with his family and PUSHBI is hitching a ride.  Watch our captain, Patrick, keep tabs on us while enjoying the dynamics of international travel!

Captain’s log. Stardate European Vacation 06.14.2013.   After a wonderful slumber I am enjoying an early breakfast while my bride and boys continue to sleep.  Over figs, croissants, and coffee – I am checking in with my team via PUSHBI.  Everything looks as to be expected, but I noticed some spikes within the metrics that I’m closely monitoring.  A cool feature for PUSHBI, I have been able to have an IM conversation (within PUSHBI itself) with my executive team and after a quick sync we were able to determine that the spike was good news and it showed us mid-month already hitting some target goals.  With that, I think I’ll have another croissant and watch the town-square wake up this morning. 

Bon Appetit, Patrick

Do you know? – Day #4 : What is the legal drinking age in England?
(And Day#3’s answer:  The Treaty of Versailles, ending World War I, was signed in the Hall of Mirrors.)

Early breakfast after a good slumber 6.14.2013


Microsoft Excel 2013 Interactive View

I was reading the Excel blog on a very cool feature that I’m personally looking forward to.  With the Excel Interactive View, I can add a button to my web site that brings up an interactive spreadsheet with data and allows visitors to interact with that data.  Tableau has done some of this with their public version, but  you just cannot beat Excel for people knowing how to use it.



Enjoy, Patrick

Microsoft Tag: Reporting Tools developed by Extended Results

Well, we had to keep this one quite for a while but no more!   Extended Results had the privilege of working with the Microsoft TAG group on an Excel analytical tool to review your TAG effectiveness.  With all the great new features of Microsoft TAG supporting many different types of scanning codes, it was time for some analytics on them.

Microsoft selected us because of our deep knowledge on social media platforms and analytics.  We event built  the Excel add-ins for Calendar, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

What do all these social media tools have in common, they all use the simple to use Excel 2010.  Everyone knows Excel, so why not just provide the analytics in there instead of purchasing another tool.




Enjoy, Patrick

Have Reports Gone Wild in your company? Not anymore with Report Catalog by Extended Results

ERCWe are proud to announce the release of our Report Catalog solution for Microsoft SharePoint.  Looking for a report?  Wondering which report out of 50 contain a specific metric you are looking for? Ever wonder if there are any related reports to the one you are current looking at? Extended Result’s Enterprise Reporting Catalog Server provides easy access to your library of reports with the ability to easily configure any associated metadata for customizable searching. This beautiful interface simplifies the task of finding the most current and accurate information for your business users. Reports from a variety of systems can be displayed within an easy to use viewer with many systems allowing for additional export, print and report detail features. In ONE place, enterprise wide, you can find reports simply and quickly without having to do a major integration project.

more at source:

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WINNER! PowerPivot Data Mash-up Contest

Aaron Meyers, BI Consultant here at Extended Results has placed 2nd in the PowerPivot Data Mash-up, earning him a total of $2,000. Not bad for only a couple hours of work!  We would like to congratulate him on his big win.  We are truly fortunate to have the best BI consultants on our team, and it sure feels good to be rewarded for all of that hard work at the end of the day.

Below is an example of Aaron’s dashboard.  As you can see, it combines crime, unemployment rates and education stats; and lets you effortlessly compare data by year, region and type.  You can even drill-down into one or more specific categories for a visual histogram analysis.  Very cool tool!  Great job, Aaron!