14 Surprising Ways Employees Cost Their Companies Billions. At least WorkPlace for Outlook will return $2,700 of it

I just read this article on Business Insider and thought it was pretty funny.  But then I thought how our WorkPlace for Outlook product will return $2,700.   Maybe these companies should be using it. 

Lost productivity due to insomnia costs companies $3,156 per employee

Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/surprising-costs-to-the-work-place-2011-11#lost-productivity-due-to-insomnia-costs-companies-3156-per-employee-1

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Business Intelligence in the Boardroom with WorkPlace for Windows. Yeah, we got that.

We did a quick project for one of our customers bringing our mobile business intelligence solutions right into the boardroom.   We utilized our WorkPlace for Windows client and projected it on 6 different large screens in the boardroom.   All the screens are touch enabled which allows you to use these oversized iPads, but Windows based, by all the executives into a very interactive discussion.  VERY powerful.


You can also watch a video on our WorkPlace for Windows client on YouTube.




Cisco Cius Live Event interviewing Extended Results about WorkPlace for Mobile

Cisco came to us and asked us to develop for their platform.  When we saw what they provided, we said we are IN.  Check out the video they did of Bryan and the benefits of using the Cisco platform for our WorkPlace for Mobile product.  Check it out and visit http://www.workplaceformobile.com for more information.

Enjoy, Patrick

BI Solution for Smartphones Helps Firms Boost Performance and Productivity

Microsoft just released a case study on our Mobile Business Intelligence solution PUSHBI.

Microsoft Case Study“To help mobile employees work more efficiently, Extended Results developed business intelligence software for Windows Phone. Now people can make better decisions in the field with instant access to performance metrics and other corporate information. The easy-to-implement solution improves business performance and employee productivity.”

Read about it at the following link

Source: http://www.microsoft.com/casestudies/Case_Study_Detail.aspx?CaseStudyID=4000010598