Mobile Business Intelligence video on Windows Phone 7

Here is a quick video on our PushBI Mobile Business Intelligence solution beta running on the Windows Phone 7 device.   We found developing for the Windows Phone platform the quickest and easiest to deploy.   Pretty slick.  Check out the video and email us if you would like to be apart of the beta.

Windows Phone 7 and support for Mobile Business Intelligence

Well, all the Microsoft news is about Windows Phone 7 and the great and cool consumer/social/games you can do on your phone.  That is great, we love games and Facebook too.  But at the end of the day, it is BUSINESS that has to pay for things.  We are BIG Microsoft supporter and of course we have our PUSHBI v3 Mobile Business Intelligence product running on Windows Phone 7.  Check out some of the screens below and get ready for a big launch in November with some huge enterprise customers already in beta with PushBI v3!

Stay tuned!