Show and Award Tracking now in The Equestrian App! #horses #equestrian #horseshows

Have you ever wanted to track the organizations, the horse shows and your results at those shows?  NOW YOU CAN!  This was one of the most requested features I have received and I’m really happy to provide it in the app. Wow, just think of all those ribbons on your wall or in your drawers.  Now you can easily track your progress and see your success over time!  Enjoy!  

If you are an Organization that puts on lots of horse shows, please contact me at and I can help get you started adding all your shows to our app for your customers to track and use.

Below are the steps in using the Award tracker quickly.

  1. From the Mini App menu, you will see the new Awards icon.  Just tap it.



2.  You’ll see this screen without awards when you first start.  Tap the ORGS button to search for or add an Organization that hosts the show.



3.  You can search for an Organization using the search box and if you don’t see it, you can tap the Plus + icon in the upper right to add one.   You’ll need to FOLLOW an organization you wish to track a show and award against.

Below is an example of the Organizations that I follow and show at.



4.  Tap the see shows button or close the screen and tap the SHOWS button.  You can search for an Show using the search box and if you don’t see it, you can tap the Plus + icon in the upper right to add one.   You’ll need to FOLLOW a Show you wish to track an award against.

Below is an example of the Shows that I follow and have attended or am going to attend.



5.   And now finally awards, you can tap the Plus + icon in the upper right to add one.   In here you can add all the classes you will be competing in.  Then after you compete, you can tap the award and quickly update the placing and other specific class information.

Below is an example of the Awards that I have received



Dashboards done DIFFERENT! Next-Gen Information Workers UNITE! #analytics


In my years of doing business intelligence, one thing has been constant.  Reporting and Dashboards haven’t changed in nearly 25 years.  Sure, there are some new chart types and animations, but that is about it.   This type of reporting solution has been fine for the Boomer Generation and half of the X-Generation, but not the Millennials.

Wow, that is a crazy statement, right?!  Nope.  This new generation of business information workers look at data differently than the previous generations.  Does this new generation of business workers get excited to sit down and fire up SAP, IBM or Oracle applications?  I don’t think so! They basically consume nearly 80% of their business information via a mobile phone which means information needs to be accurate, informational and in an instant.

“Dashboards and data have to be re-thought for the next 10 years!”

When building my new Atlas Insights app, I wanted to provide this new generation of information worker with access to metrics in minutes that other traditional vendors provide in weeks or month.  I focused on building an app for EVERY platform and that includes iOS, OSX, Android, Windows and Web so that no matter where a person might me, their metrics are available to them.  The metric tiles are instant views into the heartbeat of the business.  The metrics become your living business logic nutted down into a view you can see and understand in seconds and make the right decision.

That is why Atlas Insights is completely different than ANY business intelligence reporting solution from the BIG vendors.  As proven many times in technology history, innovation comes from the little startup that is agile and not the big elephant in the room who is slow.

Go!… NOW!!!  Download for ANY computing device you own!

Have fun!  Patrick