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The “Be Your Own Data Analyst” has been great for software companies that provide dashboarding tools, but do they really provide the kind of insights you need to manage your goals and objectives when running your department or business?

Oh sure, you can tell me that your department has 5 or 10 dashboards that provide some insights into their performance.  But seeing historical trends is just one piece to running a truly great business.  To be one of the great companies, you need to set goals and objectives and then monitor your progress against them.  Dashboarding software doesn’t really do a good job of this.

Oh, am I’m sure someone is out there trying to selling you their new machine learning AI that will tell you what the numbers should be.  The AI will crunch through your bigdata and actually find the golden nugget. But again, that AI needs goals to be able to work it’s magic against too.


While times are good, now is the BEST time to reassess your department and business objectives and set the goals you need to hit to meet those objectives.  Your software needs to provide a simple Green, Yellow and RED indicators on how you are against those objectives allow you to adjust in real-time and not after the dashboard refreshes next month.  It really can be as simple as that.

Browse on over to www.AtlasBI.com to download and use Atlas Insights for FREE on  iOSOSXAndroidWindows and Web platforms.  Atlas Insights is about helping your acheive your business goals and not about draining your software budget account.

Enjoy, Patrick

Dashboards done DIFFERENT! Next-Gen Information Workers UNITE! AtlasBI.com #analytics


In my years of doing business intelligence, one thing has been constant.  Reporting and Dashboards haven’t changed in nearly 25 years.  Sure, there are some new chart types and animations, but that is about it.   This type of reporting solution has been fine for the Boomer Generation and half of the X-Generation, but not the Millennials.

Wow, that is a crazy statement, right?!  Nope.  This new generation of business information workers look at data differently than the previous generations.  Does this new generation of business workers get excited to sit down and fire up SAP, IBM or Oracle applications?  I don’t think so! They basically consume nearly 80% of their business information via a mobile phone which means information needs to be accurate, informational and in an instant.

“Dashboards and data have to be re-thought for the next 10 years!”

When building my new Atlas Insights app, I wanted to provide this new generation of information worker with access to metrics in minutes that other traditional vendors provide in weeks or month.  I focused on building an app for EVERY platform and that includes iOS, OSX, Android, Windows and Web so that no matter where a person might me, their metrics are available to them.  The metric tiles are instant views into the heartbeat of the business.  The metrics become your living business logic nutted down into a view you can see and understand in seconds and make the right decision.

That is why Atlas Insights is completely different than ANY business intelligence reporting solution from the BIG vendors.  As proven many times in technology history, innovation comes from the little startup that is agile and not the big elephant in the room who is slow.

Go!… NOW!!!  Download for ANY computing device you own!

Have fun!  Patrick

Your business data on @Microsoft #Windows will never look this good without Atlas. #analytics



When the big business intelligence vendors built their self-serve tools, they all focused on the desktop experiences which includes web.  Mobile was just an after thought to all of them and as mobile got more important, they all tried to force their dashboard experiences onto mobile devices, which we all know resulted in a big fail.

Seriously, if you have an Microsoft Windows and really want to use it for business besides using it for email and browsing some intranet sites.  Go download Atlas Insights and get started having your most important data wherever you are. Atlas was created with the mindset of “Mobile First to Desktop” which truly makes our app the only solution for delivering your business data anywhere your employees might be.

We’re giving away FREE 6-month subscriptions, download and sign up now!

Enjoy the day, Patrick

PS:  Also available for iOSAndroid,  and OSX too!

Business Intelligence on the MAC? Yeah, we got that! #analytics #osx


I’ve been doing business intelligence, performance management and analytics for a long time.  One of the #1 questions asked is, “Do you have a MAC client?”  The answer from every vendor was, “No, but we have a browser version you can use… and, it doesn’t quite have all the features.“.  Well that is all great, but we know doing insights is a much better and faster experience in a native app than in the internet browser on a web site.

I think we have all seen over the last 10 years how MAC laptops have grown in demand and sales because of the iPhone.  There was a time when you walked into a business, all you saw were Microsoft Windows desktops.  Not anymore, walk into nearly any business and you’ll see all those new shinny MAC laptops everywhere.  I had one executive tell me the other day that MACs account for 70% of the computers in their company!  That was from just 5% 8 years ago.  Amazing!

In keeping with my mantra of doing the opposite of the big vendors, I thought it was important to provide a MAC application.  It works just like all the other platforms which is fantastic.  That means if you are sitting on a plane, train or automobile, you can see your data on your mobile device and then when you get back to your office, you can pull up the same metric you just favorited on your phone, right on your desktop.  The same, seemless experience from mobile to tablet to desktop.


Why continue doing it the OLD WAY, when you can do it the NEW WAY.   Patrick

You can download Atlas Insight at the MAP App Store

If you don’t know your numbers, you don’t know your business. Atlas Insights is now launched!


Just how true is that statement?  It is probably in the top 5 issues in every business around the world. If you don’t know your numbers, how do you know you’re on budget?  If you don’t know your numbers, how do you know how much your product costs to produce? If you don’t know your numbers, how do you know what each person contributes to the bottom line? I could go on…

After 5 months of non-stop development and testing, I’m happy to announce the launch of Atlas Insights for Apple (iPhone/iPad, MAC), Google Android, Windows (Desktop, Phone, Hub).  Atlas is focus on making your business more agile when it comes to getting the data that matters most out to your employees so that they can make better decisions faster.

Browse on over to AtlasBI.com to learn more how Atlas can make your business better and download for the many platforms we support. It is FREE to use for Public metrics and a super small monthly subscription to enable the sharing of Private metrics with your business associates.

Atlas Insights will completely make you re-think the importance of having your most important data everywhere you are.

Email me your feedback and enjoy the day!   Patrick

Please visit http://AtlasBI.com to download

Here’s a novel idea your analytics app doesn’t have, built-in Superheros! #makebusinessgreat


I’ve been working some pretty intense hours and days putting the finishing touches on my new mobile business intelligence app called Atlas.  I’ve rethought and redeveloped this application to not only be good for business people, but to also be good for anyone that wants to follow and monitor important public data too.  It was important to make the app so easy that a regular consumer could download the app and quickly find and follow the United States GDP (gross domestic product) without any assistance or instruction.

But, what if you want to take it a little further, youwant to utilize some deep hidden super powers within the app to become a Metric Superhero.


Well, like most apps, you have to search and search or go ask a friend and hope they actually know something.  Most cases they don’t and you know I’m right.  Right within Atlas, you are one tap away from accessing the super brain behind the app.  Simple questions with simple answers will give you the superhero powers you are about to unlock.

Enjoy the afternoon, Patrick

PS.  If you want to be apart of the early preview, please message me.

Bet you can’t do this with your dashboard tool. SEARCH! #bigdata #analytics #mobilebi


Can you actually search your collection of metric assets and bring back just the metrics you really want to see with minimal effort?  Yeah, that’s right. Dashboards are basically hardcoded business logic that is stored somewhere where you have to find it.  Then times that by 100 and that is the number of dashboards you have to search through to actually find the information you need at a moments notice.

As we spend our time building a mobile business insights app that every business decision maker would use and use everyday, one of the most important features we could add is search.  Just think about Google.  You need information, just type it in and whola, your results are shown in seconds.


Well, business insights should be just as easy.  Type in what you are looking for like Real Estate and we’ll bring by every metric tile and chart that the system knows about.  Do you like one that you see, you can either follow this metric or even pin it as a favorite so that you can get to it even quicker.  I guarantee you will not find a quicker way to get to your most important metrics faster than this.


Just think about it, for 30 years’ dashboards and reports have been done the same.  Yes, 30 years.  And, all that the current analytics providers are providing is more of the same but with new interactive charts.  Wow…  And some people call this innovation.   My belief is that if you are going to innovate, you need to start from scratch and design a new system that totally blows away the competition.  I believe we have done just that.

Enjoy your day, Patrick