Connecting the Equine Industry through my app. Social Functions UI/UX. #horses #app

I’ve been having a lot of fun building the UI/UX for my app called “The Equestrian”.  One of the goals is to have people “Stay Connected” to their horses, each other’s or to the service providers for their horses.

This week I have been working on modeling in Groups to allow you to ask and share with others in regards to caring and enjoying their horses.  Above you see the beginning of groups and then drilling down into a group and seeing the social discussion.  I first spent time modeling something new, but then after reviewing many social platforms, sometimes it is just best to copy what they do best.

Visit to sign up and be apart of the beta in early 2018.

Enjoy, Patrick

Why do it again? Because I want to do it Better! #startup #businessintelligence


Ever since I launched Atlas Insights, I’ve been asked “why are you doing this again?”  A little history.  In the 2008, I created a mobile business intelligence product that was first available on Windows CE and Blackberry and then moved it to iPhone and Android.  We sold our product to some great companies and enjoy our limited success until that business was acquired by a major software company.

After leaving that company, I decided to dabble in doing data visualizations in VR/AR which was pretty amazing, but basically there is no one out there buying VR software, so I parked that IP for now.  When I was doing some training being a developer again, I decided to test some decisions we made in my past mobilebi software whether they were right or wrong.  I found some interesting answers going through that process.  Then I wanted to rethink how software companies SHOULD be developed and sold over the next 5 years.

Atlas Insights is a completely different company/app from what I’ve created in the past.

  1. I decided to re-think how a software business should be built and run for the next 5 to 10 years. Basically, I threw out all the ways we have learned in our business and MBA classes and started-a-new.
  2. I wanted to build the solution in 6 months instead of 2 years.
  3. I wanted to build the app myself. I did hire a part-time person to help me with the web services api, but this app was basically all designed and developed by me.
  4. This app is available for iOS, Android, Windows, Web and OSX so that all platforms are covered. So, no matter what experience you are looking for, we have it covered on your favorite device.
  5. I wanted to mix your private business data with public metrics sources too. Public metrics have an effect on your business and it is important to have those metrics available wherever you are.
  6. At-Scale. The power of the cloud allows me to be global with very little effort.
  7. I wanted it to sell itself. With the power of social media and your network, you should be able to generate a good customer base.
  8. Love those customers closely. I listen and help as much as I can because those customers are the BEST sales people.
  9. Manage the costs so low that a mobile business intelligence product costs dollars a month and not thousands.
  10. I wanted to do it better based on my decisions in the past.

Can you really build a large business just yourself?  That is basically what I am doing today.  No, I didn’t have to raise millions of dollars.  No, I didn’t have to hire 20 developers.  No, I didn’t have to hire a fleet of sales people.  No, I don’t have a team of marketing professionals.  No, I didn’t have to spend thousands and thousands on hardware and software to get going.

I did this!


Visit and see the results yourself.

Want a better performing business? Simple. Scorecards! #makebusinessgreatagain


Here is a good definition a friend sent to me.

Dashboards Monitor and Measure Processes. The common industry perception is that a dashboard is more real-time in nature, like an automobile dashboard that lets drivers check their current speed, fuel level, and engine temperature at a glance. It follows that a dashboard is linked directly to systems that capture events as they happen and it warns users through alerts or exception notifications when performance against any number of metrics deviates from the norm.

Scorecards Chart Progress Toward Objectives. The common perception of a scorecard, on the other hand, is that it displays periodic snapshots of performance associated with an organization’s strategic objectives and plans. It measures business activity at a summary level against predefined targets to see if performance is within acceptable ranges. Its selection of key performance indicators helps executives communicate strategy and focuses users on the highest priority tasks required to execute plans.

Whereas a dashboard informs users what they are doing, a scorecard tells them how well they are doing. In other words, a dashboard records performance while a scorecard charts progress. In short, a dashboard is a performance monitoring system, whereas a scorecard is a performance management system.

With the launch of Atlas Insights, we created a MOBILEFIRST experience for managing the performance of your business utilizing scorecard concepts and indicators.  Now you can move your business forward with data instead of looking at it in the past.

Here’s the deal, ask ANY leader in your company which metrics are important to them and I bet they may say about 7 to 10 metrics and they are known metrics that have been around for years.  Yep, that is it.  Why?  Because that is the heartbeat of the business that is important to them and their department.  Also, the best thing about defining and labeling your KPIs is that your business logic is contained in that metric that everyone can now trust the source.  Try to do that with some random bar chart someone created in a self-serve analytic tool.


Visit, download our app and try our app for FREE with a 3 month subscription just for signing up.

Enjoy, Patrick

Time to get this party started, Welcome the launch of Atlas Insights #pressrelease #analytics


Atlas Insights is a new player in the hotly contested business intelligence software space with the launch of their “mobile-1st” multi-platform solution.  Atlas Insights maybe a new startup, but this isn’t their first time doing business intelligence solutions, led by Patrick Husting, who has over 15 years’ experience designing, building and deploying analytical solutions, that has resulted in previously acquired companies and IP, leads this radical effort.

What is business intelligence you may ask? Business intelligence typically covers the most important business metrics that nearly 80% of employees look at on a daily or weekly basis.  This could be regional sales, customer satisfactions, on plan to budget, etc.  Business Intelligence typically refers to the most important metrics that employees and decisions makers need access to every day.

“I built a previous solution several years ago that was one of the first mobilebi app in getting data out to decision makers.  After selling that business and taking acouple years to re-think how businesses should consume data to make decisions in the future.  I’ve now compared that with current software vendors that are just maintaining solutions architectures and designs that are basically 20+ years old.  I saw an opportunity to come back into the space with a new direction and solution that is made for the next 10 years of technology and business progress when it comes to providing business insights.

No more having to purchase tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars of software.  No more having to hire a fleet of consultants to help you decide, define and develop reporting solutions for tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. No more having to wait days, weeks or months for data to get out to your employees.  Atlas truly makes having your business at your fingertips a reality.


We may have invented Atlas, but we met with many companies and had them tell us what they wanted in a mobile business insights app. The result is an app that is unlike any software in the marketplace that is made for instance business insights when you need it the most.

Visit for more information and free downloads.  Also and most important, we are the ONLY software provider with app on ALL computing platforms like iOS, OSX, Android and Windows.

More to come…

Using the Google Cloud for data? Use it to make your business agile. #mobilebi


Like most businesses, you are probably using the Google Cloud or Google Apps for your business data.   Well, we made Atlas Insights the easiest mobile business intelligence platform on the planet on getting your cloud data into our app and out to your employees anywhere they are.  Seriously, it takes just a minute or less and saves your business 10’s of thousands of dollars in an instant.

If you have your data in the Google Cloud, you can quickly access it with our Plus and Pro subscriptions of Atlas Insights.  You’ll take that process of weeks and months of moving data and building old lame dashboards, throw them out and make your business great again with our mobile apps for iOSAndroidWindows and OSX.  It costs nothing to try and we are super simple to setup and use.

For a limited time, we are offering a FREE 6-month Basic Subscription.

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Enjoy, Patrick

PS:  If you want a demo, just contact me as I would love to take you through the app.

Who’s going to win? Trump or Clinton? #PresidentialElection @realDonaldTrump @HillaryClinton


7 days left and it is basically a tie with the others breaking the tie. You can download and use Atlas Insights to track the Presidential Polls in real-time. Data comes from the Washington Post and ABC News Presidential Polls. Enjoy!

Download for  Apple iOSApple MacGoogle Android and  Microsoft Windows


Your business data on #iPad will never look this good without Atlas. #mobilebi #analytics


When the big business intelligence vendors built their self-serve tools, they all focused on the desktop experiences which includes web.  Mobile was just an after thought to all of them and as mobile got more important, they all tried to force their dashboard experiences onto mobile devices, which we all know resulted in a big fail.

Seriously, if you have an Apple iPad and really want to use it for business besides using it for email.  Go download Atlas Insights and get started having your most important data wherever you are. Atlas was created with the mindset of “Mobile First” which truly makes our app the only solution for delivering your business data anywhere your employees might be.

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Enjoy the day, Patrick

PS:  Also available for AndroidOSX and Windows too!