Now have the power of Twitter Social Insights for only $9.95 a month! #socialmedia #analytics


Since the whole software industry is moving to renting software, we now offer Plus One Social for as low as $9.95 a month!  Now you can use the software only when you need to get some in-depth insights into Twitter social media.  Visit for more information.

Also, if you purchase a 6 month or 1 year subscription, you get the powerful Excel 2013 Insights Workbook and Sentiment Workbooks.  You just can’t beat that deal!

Enjoy, Patrick

Social Media facts on #NationalCoffeeDay using


Who doesn’t like a good cup of coffee?  Just look at the cup above and tell me you don’t want to take a sip.  I know you do.  Well, yesterday was National Coffee Day and using the hashtag #nationalcoffeeday I found the following interesting analytics using Plus One Social which is FREE!

  • Over 678,000 tweets!
  • Of those tweets, only 285,706 where original tweets, everyone else was a re-tweeter.
  • 57% of the tweets occurred in the morning when people are drinking coffee.
  • There were over 305,000 people tweeting and re-tweeting.  On average, they tweeted twice!
  • And the sentiment on the subject was totally POSITIVE!
  • The top tweeter tweeted 661 times!  Maybe they had to much coffee!!

If you want to do this kind of social analytics yourself, just browse on over to and try it for FREE! You can even do your own insights right within Microsoft Excel too.


Enjoy, Patrick

Social Highlights at #WPC15 using


Well, another year and another Microsoft World Wide Partner conference. Nearly 50,000 tweets are already pulled.  I’m using Plus One Social to pull social insights on the conference.  You can do it too by visiting Plus One Social and downloading the app.  It is FREE to use.  Have fun.

Here is a Satellite map of the tweets around the convention center.


Here is another view of the tweet using the road view.



Here are the top tweeters. @jon_rivers @mspartner @mindwaredubai @padro01 @sbscnorthwest and @winobs


Enjoy the event!


Imagine if you were a plumber and just found 295 leads. You would have to hire a lot of employees! #LeadGeneration


Continuing with beta testing Plus One Leads.  I’m amazed by the professions I can search on and the number of potential leads I can find that need help NOW!  Visit to stay up to date on the launch.  We’re going to put a lot of money into small, medium and large businesses looking for new revenue channels.


Enjoy, Patrick

Finding and Engaging Potential Leads on Twitter and Facebook. #socialmedia #leadgeneration #startup


I’ve been quiet for the past couple months as I have been working on my new application called Plus One Leads.  I’ve taken my Plus One Social app and created a new application for finding and engaging new business leads for small and medium sized businesses.  You enter your profession and let Plus One do the rest. 


We crawl through millions and millions of daily tweets to find people that are ready in real-time to engage you and your business services and products.  You can see from above the results and then communicate directly to those potential leads.  This is truly ground breaking technologies for lead generation and management.


I can even map out the locations of the potential leads onto a map to see if they are in your service area.  Show me a lead generation app that does that!!!  I’ve had several people helping me in beta with tremendous results with outstanding revenue generated from those leads. 

You’ll be able to use it on Microsoft Windows first and then the mobile offerings for iPhone and Android will be coming later this year.  We’ll have you covered whether you are in your office on your computer or on the road with your phone.

Stay tuned!

Regards, Patrick

PS: Visit the web site that is under construction at

MEFIRST! It’s your updates, pictures and locations. Not Facebook, Twitter or Foursquare. Download at


Just finished up a new application.  I built it for myself because I really like the different social apps out there, but I didn’t want to post everything to their sites.  It was my data, not theirs.  Anyway, visit and download.

Enjoy, Patrick

What’s the social sentiment on Godaddy and Etsy IPO? Not Good… @plusonesocial #viz


That is GoDaddy above at the end of day in regards to their IPO.  I’m using Plus One Social to pull on the $GDDY keyword on Twitter as that is what the stock analyst use to comment on stocks.  I’m using Microsoft Excel with Power Pivot and a special sentiment function I created.  It works great!!!!


Etsy ($ETSY) wasn’t any better.  It was actually worse…  Makes you wonder about companies going IPO and never making a profit…

Enjoy, Patrick

PS.  If you want to do this, visit and use the Excel Analyst Pack.