#TheProfit or #Sharktank on CNBC. Here’s the #analytics 3 weeks in. #PlusOne @CNBC


I enjoy both shows, but I really enjoy checking out the analytics via Twitter.  Through the social lenses, you can find some interesting highlights.


Sharktank defiantly has more chatter going on live during the show.  This tells you shows like these need even more interesting ways to interact with their audiences in real-time.


But TheProfit has 4 of the 5 top active fans.  I’ve had many conversations with the top 5 people already via twitter.  So cool…


I enjoy both the shows via the DVR, so I guess I’m not a real-time TV watcher.

Enjoy, Patrick

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Patrick Husting on KING 5 News TV Talking WIndows 8 and Windows Phone Today


If you are at home this morning in the Northwest, turn on KING 5 news TODAY and you can see a segment playing every 30 minutes with ME talking about our success with Windows 8 and Windows Phone.

The segment is also available on the Web here: http://www.king5.com/news/business/Ballmer–186016472.html

KING 5 reporter Jake Whittenberg came by our office to interview Extended Results on our success with the new Windows.  He was excited to hear our story and run it right away because of Steve Balmer’s surprise visit to CES last night.