#Startups. 1 important rule to remember every day when building your product. #mobilebi


There are a lot of management principles you can learn in an MBA class about building your startup.  But the most important things about startups you really don’t learn from a book or a professor that hasn’t created a company before. I always found when creating a product that might have a competitor or two, that it is important to remember this every day.

You don’t have to be the first, just be the best!

Sometimes you can get so bogged down on features or what the competitor is doing that you will easily lose focus on that is unique to your business and or product.  When I created my Mobile Business Intelligence (MobileBI) product, Atlas Insights, I have competitors like Microsoft, Tableau, IBM, Oracle and others that might have a similar product, but not quite.

It’s important to focus on the key features or services you have that make you stand out above the rest.  Spend a good amount of time thinking about what the other products are missing and how your product does it best than any other competing product. In Atlas Insights, we excel at making it super easy to get your data into the app and out to your employees.  Start the app and within a minute, you’ll know the performance of your entire business against your goals.

And the most important aspect where we are the BEST?!  You can do it yourself and not have to hire a fleet of consultants to implement your MobileBI strategy like my competitors.

Enjoy, Patrick


It starts small and then turns into something big. AtlasBI.com #analytics #mobilebi


When I launched Atlas Insights in the middle of January 2017, I wasn’t sure what the uptake would be on a new mobile business intelligence solution in the marketplace.  Tableau has a lite client, Microsoft has PowerBI client for its dashboards, but would an entrant be worthy enough to jump into the mix?

After 7 months, Atlas Insights just broke a major milestone of over 500 installs!  That is pretty amazing considering we don’t have the budget that Tableau and Microsoft can spend to build a brand.  The goal was “not to be the first to the market with a product, just make it the better than the rest”.  Atlas Insights is completely different because we focus on a mobile-1st experience with actionable data, first and foremost, while other makes you wade through a sea of dashboards trying to figure out what each chart means.

That’s a powerful statement.  Just how long do you spend staring at a dashboard trying to figure out what it means and what you can to do with it?  Too long.

Atlas Insights – “Turn it on and know what is going on.”

Visit www.AtlasBI.com and download for ANY device, including MAC OSX, as we are the leading BI product on the MAC.

Enjoy, Patrick

Seriously, sticking your dashboards onto your mobile phone is just dumb. #data16 AtlasBI.com


I know that 90% of you know that doing this is just a really bad and career limiting idea.  Well, I watched one of the big analytic vendors at their conference yesterday promote their new mobile app that allows you to take the dashboards you developed on your desktop move them to a mobile device.  Why do you have to design for mobile, shouldn’t the data be smart enough to do it itself?  This like 2005 all over again!


When I built Atlas Insights, I really focused on the new generation of agile business leaders that want their most important data wherever they are.  If you design for mobile first, just look at the difference.  Beside instant metrics and the data that matters most to you, Atlas Insights doesn’t require that fleet of consultants to help you create all those screens too!   Our solution is pennies on the dollar to build, maintain and support unlike the solutions from the bigger vendors.

Give it a try as it costs you NOTHING to get started with our FREE 6-month Subscription!   Visit http://www.AtlasBI.com to download



Earthquakes are very active all over the world. using @tableau and @msexcel


So there has been a lot of volcano and earthquakes very active over the past couple months.  And just today a 5.8 hit off the Oregon coast.  I thought it would be a good idea to update my earthquake visuals.


Below is the size of earthquakes over the past two months (April, May and June of 2015).  Pretty cool stuff.  Email me if you want the file.

Enjoy, Patrick

Using @Tableau and @Starbucks locations to create an interesting geospatial #viz


I took the Starbuck locations and mapped them out using Tableau.  Tableau does a great job mapping them out quickly, I just wish they had other color maps.  This gray scale is killing me…   If you want the file, just message me and I’ll send it to you.


Here is New York



Washington DC





Mapped! The whole world as the flu or a virus. #viz using @Tableau @plusonesocial


I’ve been pulling social data using Plus One and harvesting data on popular sicknesses (english only).  I have pulled over 1 million tweets which is pretty amazing in its own right.  I plotted on a map color coded by sickness.  Pretty crazy when you look at the density in the United States.


As you can see, most people are talking about the “flu”, but it is interesting to see a lot of chatter about the “superbug” and “measles” too.


This chart show you the sickness I’m tracking by month along with the number of tweets.  You can see the spikes in the flu, measles and superbug very easily.


April had quite a peak, but it looks like the flu bug is trending down now that weather is getting a bit warmer.

I do admit, the more I use Tableau, the more I have been enjoying it for my instant analysis.  I’m using over 1 million tweets and related data and Tableau is just powering through it.  Nice.

Enjoy, Patrick

Click here to download Tableau and Plus One.

Using @Tableau 9.0 to take a pulse on the 2016 Presidential Announcements. using PlusOneSocial.com


I just installed the new version of Tableau v9.0 and I have to say it is VERY FAST.  I have pulled over 350,000 tweets on the Presidential candidates and you see site a slight pulse for Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.  But these are the only two to Announce so far.


Kind of fun to drill down into the tweets on a map.  Not all tweets are geo-code, but there seems to be a lot in this latest refresh.


This kind of analysis is so easy to do with Tableau, but you need the DATA to do it.  Just browse on over to PlusOneSocial.com and download their FREE app today.

Stay Tuned, Patrick