How does business intelligence look on a Microsoft Surface Studio? Pretty awesome with #mobilebi


When the big business intelligence vendors built their self-serve tools, they all focused on the desktop experiences which includes web.  Mobile was just an after thought to all of them and as mobile got more important, they all tried to force their dashboard experiences onto mobile devices, which we all know resulted in a big fail.

Seriously, if you have an Microsoft Windows and really want to use it for business besides using it for email and browsing some intranet sites.  Go download Atlas Insights and get started having your most important data wherever you are. Atlas was created with the mindset of “Mobile First to Desktop” which truly makes our app the only solution for delivering your business data anywhere your employees might be.

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Enjoy the day, Patrick

PS:  Also available for iOSAndroid,  and OSX too!

#Windows10devices social media wrap up using @PlusOneSocial


Just finished watching the Microsoft Windows 10 devices event.  It was an excellent event and I look forward to the HoloLens and Surface Book coming to market.  Amazing technologies.  I used the hashtag #Windows10Devices and found the following interesting analytics using Plus One Social.



  • Over 71,650 tweets!
  • Of those tweets, only 285,706 where original tweets, everyone else was a re-tweeter.
  • 13% of the tweets occurred from a Windows device.
  • There were over 23,345 people tweeting and re-tweeting.  On average, they tweeted twice!
  • And the sentiment on the subject was Neutral to Positive!
  • The top tweeter tweeted 140 times!  Maybe they had to much coffee!!

If you want to do this kind of social analytics yourself, just browse on over to and try it for FREE! You can even do your own insights right within Microsoft Excel too.



Enjoy, Patrick