Next awesome feature coming to Atlas Insights. Making #MobileBI Great Again.


Sure, connecting to your database to retrieve data is nothing new and Atlas Insights does it easiler than anyone else.  In our next version of Atlas, if you are using our Windows, MAC or Web clients, you’ll notice the ability to create data connections to your SQL databases and feed your metrics automatically.  Just enter your connection information and proceed to the next screen.


Now enter your query, you might need the assistance of someone that does this for a living.  We’ll match the column of data to what Atlas needs to create a metric.  Save your query and Atlas will do the rest.  We’ll automatically refresh your data so your metrics are always up-to-date.  Now your employees will ALWAYS have the latest data when they need to make decisions that matter most.


Download Atlas for your favorite Windows, MAC or Mobile Device.  It is FREE to try and use.  Enjoy!


Everyone gets a Trophy. NOT!

Who doesn’t like some good recognition every now and then?   We helped deploy SQL 2012 at a couple of customers’ sites during beta with very good success.   We received this glass award in the mail today in recognition of Extended Results’ efforts in being a Great GOLD Business Intelligence Partner for Microsoft.

My giant SQL Developer team consists of the true heroes.  Thanks team.


















Insights for Windows 8–Enterprise Business Intelligence

Extended Results now has a Windows 8 beta of Insights Social Performance Management solution. Insights brings a social experience to your business intelligence data within your enterprise.

Tap the Insights tile


Insights Hub Page
When you first enter Insights, you are greeted with a background theme that is customizable kind of like Bing backgrounds. We show you your Favorite KPIs along with Movers. Movers are KPIS that are trending up/down at a higher percentage than other KPIs. You also get a quick glance at active comments on KPIs too.


Hub Page – swipe from the right
Quickly we get you to your favorite KPI’s which are color coded based on your targets.


Detail Page
Tap into a KPI and immediately see the trends and comments. Comment back on the KPI status or you are one tap away from calling the KPI owner via Microsoft Lync.


Detail Page – swipe to the right
Immediately you will see the related reports to the KPI so you can drill into the details if you need too.


Report Viewer
Tap on the related report and quickly drill into any URL based report. One more tap and we’ll take it full screen. And, swipe down the Charms in Windows 8 are shared with associates.


Section Pages
Want to get access to all the KPIs and Reports you have access to? Swipe down from the top and Tap KPIs.


Section Pages – swipe
As you swipe, you can see all your KPI categories


Insights for Windows 8 – Business Intelligence for your Enterprise

In a few weeks we will be entering a beta on our Insights Business Intelligence for Windows 8.   I decided to capture a video on the interaction with KPIs, Social and Reports on a tablet device because it is cool to show the  animations of Windows 8 in live formats.

We’ll be in beta until Windows 8 ships, whenever that is, but it is available for demos and evaluations.   Contact us at for more information.

Just imagine how productive and informed your decision makers will be with Windows 8 and Insights.

Insights for Windows 8–Social Performance Management



Microsoft US CIO Summit

This week, Microsoft hosted their CIO Summit in Redmond Washington.  They invited some of the largest corporations in the U.S. to two days of sessions and dining.  Extended Results was asked to attend and showcase our PUSHBI mobile business intelligence solution (, Report Catalog ( and our Power Pivot work in the exhibit area.   Always enjoy being the showcased BI Partner.

2012-03-29 10.46.11

2012-03-29 12.33.41

2012-03-29 12.00.22

2012-03-29 10.44.20

2012-03-28 13.10.22

More Microsoft Power View Examples by Extended Results

The advanced analytics team at Extended Results has really taken off using Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Power View (that was a mouth full).  Just look at some of the great looking reports that they have already developed.  I really like the design feature where the reports look like a piece of paper and the color pallet is soft but allows your eyes to adjust to the report quickly and find outliers.   If you look at the middle report, all the bar charts on one report is quickly mastered from development because a lot of companies like that kind of style of report

Enjoy, Patrick




SQL Power View powering my Google Adwords and BING Adcenter Insights

We are having a lot of fun with the new Microsoft SQL Server 2012 technologies.  We have been using Excel with PowerPivot to grab data from my Google AdWords and BING AdCenter accounts and combine them into one data source.  Now I can compare the effectiveness of my online advertising which I have never been able to do before without a lot of effort.   It has given me some great insights where I have been successful and not successful in my online advertising efforts.  

More to come, enjoy the pictures.