If I was DELL, CISCO, INTEL, APPLE, GOOGLE and many others, this is what I would use for BI. #excel #sharepoint #powerview


Well, these guys should be using PUSHBI.  BUT, they all own basically every Microsoft license that you can purchase –  are they actually using the software to their fullest potential?  I can bet you BIG DOLLARS they are not.  They are just producing report after report that nobody is looking at.  I guarantee it.


We’ll help these tech-titians maximize their business intelligence investments to their fullest.  We are not just creating another report, but creating dashboard solutions that actually mean something.


We are creating dashboards that provide an INSTANT KNOW of what is going on within the organization.  Not just another bar chart, but an interactive story that tells you what is going on with every click.


And especially since these tech-behemoths are global corporations, we can easily provide geo-spatial analysis into their product moving across the United States and the Globe.  Where are the sales and the delays in product reaching the distributors?


If you’re selling high-technology products, even flight delays in getting product and people to the right destinations can cause a ripple effect to your bottom line.

So if DELL, CISCO, INTEL, APPLE or GOOGLE are listening, it is time to give us a call so we can get out of the “just another report will do” mode.

Enjoy, Patrick

Wrap your APP! Well, O365 is what I’m thinking. #office #webapp


Just sharing a new little app that I created for all my business Web applications.   I’ve found when I’m using my business Web apps, like Office365, in an internet browser like IE or Chrome, I constantly close the tab, lose focus of the tab and lose my spot in the app.

So I created a Web app wrapper that allows me to have an app dedicated to my business Web apps.  Seems silly, but after using it for a month I found I was actually using my Web apps more like SharePoint and having better productivity than using IE or Chrome as the main browsing client.

The internet browser tended to be distracting with the links and buttons and tabs.  I found myself venturing into other directions, wanting to jump over to a news site, for instance. Yes, we are all guilty of that…


What I created is a business app browser for all my Web business applications.  If you click in the upper left corner, you can quickly jump to my other business apps.  Productive and focused, love that.

Enjoy, Patrick

Cognos, Tableau, Microsoft, Microstrategy, BusinessObjects, Oracle, QlikView – OH MY! #analytics #reporting #rc


I’ve met with a lot of CIOs over the years and I make sure I ask one specific question if I can:

What reporting solution do you use?

The response is basically the same.  We don’t have one reporting solution, we actually have several different solutions because we use a little of each to get the job done.  Wow.  Most mid to enterprise-sized companies have between 2 to 5 different kinds of reporting solutions, outside of the line of business apps.  So that just begs the next question:

How do you find what you are looking for?

Answer:  They don’t.

Well, with Report Catalog, their problems have been answered.  With one simple to install and use solution, now those decision makers can go to one place to get all their company reports.  And, we make sure Report Catalog works great with all HTML based reporting solutions.

Works great with any reporting solution – including these great solutions from

Report Catalog is the ONLY solution in the market place to keep you from drowning in a sea of analytics and reports.  Now everyone in your company can work smarter and not harder when they have the right information at the right time.

report catalog

If you would like to find out more information or get a demo, please visit our Report Catalog Web site at http://www.ReportCatalog.com.


Patrick Husting
Founder/CEO – Extended Results Inc

Data is the new OIL. At Extended Results, we are mining for Black Gold.


Check out our next industry demonstration, Energy.  When we build our demos, we believe they need to be in the correct terminology so people understand them better.   Can’t think of a better demo to release now, since gas prices have increased more than $.50 cents in the last 2 months.


“So, where is the price of fuel going?”, you might ask.  Well, with one click you can compare market price and production volumes to see if demand is being met.


“Well, do we have enough drilling platforms to meet that market demand?”  Again, just one click and you are into a wall placement map.   You can filter and zoom to see where production capacity is coming from.


And if you want to gauge how angry people are about energy prices, we are just a click away from Twitter to give us the sentiment on peoples’ attitudes in regards to gas price increases…

If you would like to get a live demo of this solution or any of our other demos for Retail, High Technology, Sports, Consumer goods or more, just contact us and we would be happy to walk you through our solutions.

Enjoy, Patrick

Business Intelligence Style Guide–Analytics Made Beautiful

As part of our Creative Services, we are asked by many of our customers to help them bring a common style and usage to their business intelligence/analytical reports and portals.

The following example is of our color pallets:

It all starts with our Portal layout of grids and navigation.  If you have a proper layout, then your end users can quickly navigate from one area to another without any training.

One of my favorite areas is Chart Styling.  Seems simple, but I’ve seen thousands upon thousands of charts over my career and most of them looked pretty poor.

Even filter functionality needs a good style because you don’t want to train people on how to use filters, it should be natural.image

If your analytics portal looks like a developer built it – and you know what I mean – contact us at Extended Results and our creative team can really make our Portal shine within only a week or two.

More info: http://www.extendedresults.com/services/creative_services.aspx

Enjoy, Patrick

HTML5 Business Intelligence Dashboards–Insights

sharepoint, insights, business intelligence, html5, sql, windows, microsoft

Our Insights Dashboard product just keeps getting better day after day.   The above screenshot is from a project we are doing at Microsoft.   Why are they using our Insights Dashboard product?  Let me put it simply:

  • Scales for BIG DATA:  Yes, you heard that correct, this is an HTML5 application where you can actually send a million points of data to one chart, which we quickly render.
  • Highly Graphical: We give the customer complete branding control over the look and feel because we’ve taken our extreme graphical capabilities and put them it into our solution.
  • Simple Creation:  Dashboards can be a pain to create.  Not Insights.  Click, drag, drop and publish.  Done.
  • Mobile Integration:  Yep, this dashboard doesn’t have to be rewritten for the mobile device.  We automatically take the dashboard and render the KPIs down appropriate to any mobile phone or tablet.
  • Customizable:  Even better!  Need a custom chart or view, you can easily create an ASP.NET component that just plugs and accepts data from our KPI Server.
  • KPI Management:  Self-Serve BI is great!  If you are an analyst – we provide a centralized KPI management interface that allows you to apply governance to your KPI change management.   One KPI that can be used by an limited number of reports.  Again, no re-writing.
  • API Access:  Our KPI Server is so well thought out, that if you want another one of your applications, say your CRM solution, to access our KPI library, you can do that, too!   Again, ONE version of the truth.

Those are just a few reasons why this Microsoft group choose our solution.  It is now in the process of rolling out to over 3,000 business users as I write this at a fraction of the cost of utilizing other dashboard solutions or a 10th of the cost of something custom built.

Contact us today if you would like to find out more about our HTML5 Insights Dashboard product.

Product Information: http://www.extendedinsights.com

Enjoy, Patrick

Friday Fun BI – SharePoint that doesn’t look like SharePoint

We love to talk about Business Intelligence projects, but what would a BI project be without SharePoint 2010 and 2013?!  Well, our SharePoint sites look like no other SharePoint sites.  Check out some recent work we did for one of the Microsoft Industry groups on their SharePoint intranet site.


The neat thing about this solution is we have all the IP to quickly, and I mean quickly, brand your SharePoint site with graphics and functionality to get you up-and-running fast.  No other Microsoft GOLD Partner can beat what we can do with SharePoint.


Well, they might be able to do it in several months when it only takes us a week or two.  Smile  Visit our SharePoint Services page for more information or Contact Us if you would like to redo your SharePoint Web site.

Enjoy, Patrick