Still emailing your analytics reports to everyone? That is like 1999. #mobilebi


Did you know that all the big software companies that provide reporting solutions that their technologies are basically the same since 1999?  Seriously, there is really nothing new except for some colors and animated charts.  All they did was take an old approach to business reporting and just redo it with new software development tools and slap a NEW sticker in the corner of the box.  Kind of like TIDE washing detergent, some formula, just a new bottle design.  Gezzzzz….


When I designed and built Atlas Insights, I was looking 10 years ahead on what business need and not back to 1999.  If your old system is “just getting you by”, then it is time to step-up and try something new.  Visit and download any of our apps for iOS, MAC, Android and Windows and get started making your business agile.

For a limited time, sign up and get a FREE 3-month subscription to load your metrics and share them with your entire team.  You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to Gain.


We Make Microsoft Excel Sing! #analytics #bigdata #mydata


We love Microsoft Excel and I don’t think there is anyone like my employees that can make Excel Sing like we do.


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Business Intelligence and Food Services. Breakfast and Mobile BI. YUM! #mobilebi #bigdata


I got to have breakfast with one of my food services customers in the restaurant business today.  He quickly pulled out his mobile phone to show me their implementation of PUSHBI.

I am so excited to be a part of the transformation of business in taking away thousands of dashboards and reports and reducing them to a few, easy to understand metrics.

“PUSHBI is Personal and Effective,” according to Mike.  “I no longer need to FIND the report that MIGHT have the metric I need.  I just whip out my phone and there are the 15 metrics that I actually care about using PUSHBI.  I’m informed and I can get back to work doing what I do best – build my business.”

What a great quote!

Enjoy, Patrick

Cognos, Tableau, Microsoft, Microstrategy, BusinessObjects, Oracle, QlikView – OH MY! #analytics #reporting #rc


I’ve met with a lot of CIOs over the years and I make sure I ask one specific question if I can:

What reporting solution do you use?

The response is basically the same.  We don’t have one reporting solution, we actually have several different solutions because we use a little of each to get the job done.  Wow.  Most mid to enterprise-sized companies have between 2 to 5 different kinds of reporting solutions, outside of the line of business apps.  So that just begs the next question:

How do you find what you are looking for?

Answer:  They don’t.

Well, with Report Catalog, their problems have been answered.  With one simple to install and use solution, now those decision makers can go to one place to get all their company reports.  And, we make sure Report Catalog works great with all HTML based reporting solutions.

Works great with any reporting solution – including these great solutions from

Report Catalog is the ONLY solution in the market place to keep you from drowning in a sea of analytics and reports.  Now everyone in your company can work smarter and not harder when they have the right information at the right time.

report catalog

If you would like to find out more information or get a demo, please visit our Report Catalog Web site at


Patrick Husting
Founder/CEO – Extended Results Inc

Data is the new OIL. At Extended Results, we are mining for Black Gold.


Check out our next industry demonstration, Energy.  When we build our demos, we believe they need to be in the correct terminology so people understand them better.   Can’t think of a better demo to release now, since gas prices have increased more than $.50 cents in the last 2 months.


“So, where is the price of fuel going?”, you might ask.  Well, with one click you can compare market price and production volumes to see if demand is being met.


“Well, do we have enough drilling platforms to meet that market demand?”  Again, just one click and you are into a wall placement map.   You can filter and zoom to see where production capacity is coming from.


And if you want to gauge how angry people are about energy prices, we are just a click away from Twitter to give us the sentiment on peoples’ attitudes in regards to gas price increases…

If you would like to get a live demo of this solution or any of our other demos for Retail, High Technology, Sports, Consumer goods or more, just contact us and we would be happy to walk you through our solutions.

Enjoy, Patrick

HTML5 Business Intelligence Dashboards–Insights

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Our Insights Dashboard product just keeps getting better day after day.   The above screenshot is from a project we are doing at Microsoft.   Why are they using our Insights Dashboard product?  Let me put it simply:

  • Scales for BIG DATA:  Yes, you heard that correct, this is an HTML5 application where you can actually send a million points of data to one chart, which we quickly render.
  • Highly Graphical: We give the customer complete branding control over the look and feel because we’ve taken our extreme graphical capabilities and put them it into our solution.
  • Simple Creation:  Dashboards can be a pain to create.  Not Insights.  Click, drag, drop and publish.  Done.
  • Mobile Integration:  Yep, this dashboard doesn’t have to be rewritten for the mobile device.  We automatically take the dashboard and render the KPIs down appropriate to any mobile phone or tablet.
  • Customizable:  Even better!  Need a custom chart or view, you can easily create an ASP.NET component that just plugs and accepts data from our KPI Server.
  • KPI Management:  Self-Serve BI is great!  If you are an analyst – we provide a centralized KPI management interface that allows you to apply governance to your KPI change management.   One KPI that can be used by an limited number of reports.  Again, no re-writing.
  • API Access:  Our KPI Server is so well thought out, that if you want another one of your applications, say your CRM solution, to access our KPI library, you can do that, too!   Again, ONE version of the truth.

Those are just a few reasons why this Microsoft group choose our solution.  It is now in the process of rolling out to over 3,000 business users as I write this at a fraction of the cost of utilizing other dashboard solutions or a 10th of the cost of something custom built.

Contact us today if you would like to find out more about our HTML5 Insights Dashboard product.

Product Information:

Enjoy, Patrick

Excel 2010 to Excel 2013–A full-fledged self-service bi tool!

Microsoft has made major investments in BI for Excel 2013 with the goal to make Excel a full-fledged self-service BI tool. PowerPivot and Power View now come integrated within the Excel experience in the client and Web App via SharePoint and Excel Services. Now you can extend Excel to include Web services content by creating and embedding the new Office Apps right into Excel, which will allow them to work in the client and in the Web App. You can also access your data when you’re on the go with increased touch input experiences as well as sharing options.


A few things to consider before migrating:

  • Once you convert to 2013, you cannot open in 2010, nor can you revert back.
  • Some calculations do not work in 2013 and can break the book (only found when you convert).
  • All calculations must be verified as some (change) and give bad results. Must do full land through testing.
  • Some calculations take excessively longer in 2013 for the same calculation
  • Must have 2013 SharePoint to host the files if you want to download, however user with 2010 can use the Web site to view, etc.
  • Third party tools and plugins, like Visual Studio may not yet be compatible with Office 2013.

Need help? Every customer has unique needs and Extended Results can help. We offer a comprehensive, customizable suite of services to help you plan and migrate your existing Microsoft platform of SharePoint and Excel to the latest versions. Read more about our Office 2013 Readiness Services to help your organization get migrated.


Enjoy, Patrick