Looking for a Unity3D software engineer

I’m working on a revolutionary virtual and augmented reality product and am looking for a part-time Unity3D developer.  It will turn into a full-time position when we meet certain milestones.  We are seeking a hard-working Unity Software Engineer to join our team in building Unity based solutions in a collaborative, fast paced, high energy environment. Our ideal candidate has a passion for clean code, a love for 3D and VR, and a hunger to learn and grow within the software industry.


  • Excellent understanding of Computer Science fundamentals
  • Minimum 2 years game development experience
  • Minimum 1 years experience working with Unity (ideally in C#)
  • Familiarity with all elements of Unity, beyond simple gameplay
  • Familiarity with common non-development 2D and 3D tools (Photoshop, Flash, Maya, Blender, ZBrush etc.)
  • Must be located in the Seattle/Redmond Washington area


  • Shipped polished, highly-performing Unity solution
  • Game development experience beyond Unity (a background in OpenGL)
  • Experience with editor scripting and tool building
  • Experience with Unity’s new (5.0+) UI system
  • Experience with Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Experience with Java or Objective-C

If interested, please click the Contact Me link

Thanks, Patrick

Creating VR/AR business intelligence components on your virtual desk


Okay, I’m actually getting better at this VR/AR development stuff.  One of the features I want when I’m in my virtual business world is the ability pin or put my favorite metrics right onto my desk.  Yeah, that makes sense.  Why have it on a dashboard where I have to go see it, why not just have it on my desk like other nick-knacks.

Email me with any questions or suggestions.

Enjoy, Patrick

Using VR/AR for Business Intelligence. My adventures in development

After spending a few months over the summer learning Unity3D, I’m beginning my development of data visualizations within VR/AR.  I’m fortunate that both Oculus Rift and Microsoft Hololens both support Unity3D development environment.  So I’m hoping to write it once and reuse it on many platforms.  I’m just beginning the process of figuring out how to move data into the 3D world and augmenting that environment and I thought it would be fun to blog this as I go.

So simple shapes is the way to go and it is really hard to express what I see in the headset to what I can put on the blog.  What you see might be deemed kind of lame, but what I see in the headset is pretty amazing, if not ground breaking.  The screen below is what my development view looks like on my computer desktop.

The next screen is actually the desktop app but in Player mode so with my headset on, you see a limited 3D view of what I see.  I think what is interesting is when you are in VR/AR, these 3 dimensional bars look like actually skyscrapers!

Here is a snapshot I took via my phone holding it up to the Oculus through one of the eye viewers.  I think you’ll get what I am talking about.

My morning with Microsoft’s HoloLens


I received an invite to come and experience the Microsoft HoloLens from the perspective of a developer.  The event was held in the creative garage of the Max Hotel which was different.  I showed up and was nicely greeted and got to talk startups with a budding entrepreneur, then off to the demo.  No Pictures allowed.  Smile

The demo we got to play was a space shooter game.  You move around the room and zap creatures coming out of the wall.  I have to admit, I was very impressed with the sound and the resolution of the display.  I’ve experienced the screen door effect in Oculus and didn’t notice it at all here.  The app was fast and was a great time playing.  I could completely move around the room, not tethered to a thing.

The device itself is VERY impressive.  I have to admit, it was kind of like wearing a baseball hat.  It was super light and having the real world available at all time keeps you from getting motion sickness, like with the Oculus.  Microsoft has done an excellent job on this prototype because once it is on, it really wasn’t a distraction at all.   The device is computer, everything is baked into it.  Love that.

The event was to get developers interested in purchasing the developers kit.  I already signed up so this just confirmed that I made the right decision.  The developer kit is pretty steep at $3,000 but if you are serious about AR, then it is the right decision to make.  The nice part of it is you can use the Unity engine and Visual Studio to get started.  All something I’m already comfortable with.


I’m a believer in Virtual Reality (VR) as I want that ALL-IN experience.  But after using HoloLens and it’s Augmented Reality (AR), I see a whole new platform to experience for interesting applications and productivity.  I CAN’T WAIT!

Regards, Patrick