Business Intelligence on the MAC? Yeah, we got that! #analytics #osx


I’ve been doing business intelligence, performance management and analytics for a long time.  One of the #1 questions asked is, “Do you have a MAC client?”  The answer from every vendor was, “No, but we have a browser version you can use… and, it doesn’t quite have all the features.“.  Well that is all great, but we know doing insights is a much better and faster experience in a native app than in the internet browser on a web site.

I think we have all seen over the last 10 years how MAC laptops have grown in demand and sales because of the iPhone.  There was a time when you walked into a business, all you saw were Microsoft Windows desktops.  Not anymore, walk into nearly any business and you’ll see all those new shinny MAC laptops everywhere.  I had one executive tell me the other day that MACs account for 70% of the computers in their company!  That was from just 5% 8 years ago.  Amazing!

In keeping with my mantra of doing the opposite of the big vendors, I thought it was important to provide a MAC application.  It works just like all the other platforms which is fantastic.  That means if you are sitting on a plane, train or automobile, you can see your data on your mobile device and then when you get back to your office, you can pull up the same metric you just favorited on your phone, right on your desktop.  The same, seemless experience from mobile to tablet to desktop.


Why continue doing it the OLD WAY, when you can do it the NEW WAY.   Patrick

You can download Atlas Insight at the MAP App Store

Want to make an Agile Business? Deliver data that matters most. #mobilebi #analytics


It’s time to stop dreaming about how bigdata is going to find you that one nugget of gold and start putting business back on track.  Yes, that means making your business agile and deliver the data that matters most.  When you deliver data that matches the strategic direction of the business, then everyone is going in the same direction.  When you need to make a quick adjustment to the strategy, everyone will be able to see that course change and change quickly with you.

Simple right?!  Not if you are still relying on those old and lame self-service dashboards that everyone large business intelligence vendor is pushing.  Those dashboards change months later if someone is available to change them.  But most likely they are busy building other useless dashboards that no one looks at.  Don’t believe me, look at the web usage logs for those dashboards…


Atlas Insights is the only mobile and desktop app that can provide real-time access to business strategy changes through the metrics that are most important to your business.  Update the data via a spreadsheet or just tap it into your mobile device and now EVERYONE has been alerted to the update and can take action.  BOOM!  Problem solved!

Enjoy, Patrick

PS: #MakeBusinessGreatAgain using Atlas Insights.  Message me directly if you would like early access to our Preview.

BI in the Breakroom

What are you displaying on the TV screens in your office? Let’s put some business insights from Extended Results where it matters most, in front of your employees! One of our Global customers has our Business Insights Dashboard Solution ( right where employees can see it, while they wait for their espresso (the display is actually coffee themed, too).

BI in the breakroom is a great way to get the message out to employees on the performance of the business and how they can help achieve those corporate objectives. TVs easily grab people’s attention and draw them into the message. The issue with most solutions is they are poorly done and don’t portray the message effectively. Dressing up your TVs with business insights is a great idea and something that can be immediately deployed, having a lasting impact to your bottom line.

2012-05-02 08.22.45

Enjoy, Patrick






CEO, CFO, CMO, CIO, CTO– Do we have the boardroom for you!

A lot of people know us as the “Cool BI” company.  We got great looking dashboards, we’ve got great solutions like Insights ( and PushBI (   Well if you combine all those together you have an experience like no other in the industry.  Just check out our boardroom experience with 50 inch tv’s on the wall.

We are actually designing these experiences and solutions for customers today!   A true decision information system for executives.

From the boardroom to your desktop to your mobile device, we’ve got you covered.



Enjoy, Patrick





As World Financial Markets Melt Down, How do you Monitor your Business?

12:27pm Pacific, September 22nd, 2011 – As the time of writing this article, the U.S. Financial market is down over 511 points.


As the world watches the last couple years of the worldwide markets go up and down and up and down, it is very interesting to see how people consume that data to make decisions.  We watch cable news channels like CNBC or Bloomberg to get up to the minute or even second on the fluctuations of the market.   Within 15 to 30 seconds, we immediately know what is going on and what we need to do.   Information is summarized and presented in a manner that actually resonates with us.

image image

We even have more access to our investments and markets via our smartphones and tablet devices.   Now we can make real-time decisions based on the stocks that I care about, not what everyone else cares about.  Information is personalized and presented in a form that allows me to make a decision quickly.  I’m more informed and I can make a better decision.

iPad Screenshot 1 iPad Screenshot 3

But what about your business?   How do you manage your business?   How do you monitor your business?  How do you get your information summarized for you?   How do you get your information personalized and presented in a manner that allows you to make a decision.   How do you get your whole team on the same page and working towards common goals?  How do you get everyone included in the decision.   How can you assign an action when one of your metrics is RED?   How  How  How!

I can tell you this!  It is not about self-service business intelligence, giving someone access to millions of rows of data to make a decision will result in making a wrong decision.  Software vendors are telling us it is about BIG DATA and ANALYTICS!  Its not about giving them a tablet device and telling them they can pinch and zoom and swipe and pinch and zoom and swipe to find the golden nugget.  Give ME access and I’ll find those opportunities that will make us millions of dollars.  Heard that before, that is just not true. How do I know?  Because we have tried in company after company providing access to those big data sets so people can do their own analytics.  They got access, but what they got was bogged down in the data and the calculations and trying to justify their numbers.  I think anyone telling you this is just trying to sell you a bunch of software licenses you don’t need….

How do you provide REAL BUSINESS INSIGHTS to manage your business and get all your employees on the same page?  Stay tuned next week for the answer…   It is actually kind of simple and not that expensive…

Regards, Patrick

Performance Maps–They can say a thousand words in one picture

Have you ever wanted to cut the budgets of your local or federal government?  Well in the U.K. you can!   I love this performance map because it quickly layouts the government spending by large departments.  From this, you can quickly see where the money is going.  Go ahead and click on a colored box and then cut by a certain percentage.  Done!  I just balanced the budget of the U.K.   If it was only that easy…  Smile

Enjoy, Patrick 



Collaborative Business Intelligence 2009 Road show with Microsoft

I’m going to be traveling to 5 cities (New York, Kansas City, Dallas, Denver and Chicago) with the Microsoft Communications Sector group that focuses on Telecommunications and Media and Entertainment companies.  I will be doing sessions on Personalized Business Intelligence on the Microsoft platform of products (PushBI, Extended Excel, Extended Outlook and SilverLight BI). 

If you are a Telecommunications or Media and Entertainment employee and wish to attend one of these events, please let me know so I can get an invite out to you. Sorry, this is not for consulting companies, but actual industry companies. 

The events will be covering the following:

  • Highlight Microsoft Business Intelligence and Analytics Vision and Strategy,
  • Discuss how to effectively leverage your existing Business Intelligence investments, and
  • Provide overviews  and demos of our Partners’ Collaborative Business Intelligence solutions.
  • Identify and analyze customer accounts by profitability,
  • Create awareness of your most profitable customers through Business Intelligence dashboards,
  • Increase marketing efficiencies by identifying customer segments and expected buying behavior,
  • Quickly and effectively manage strategy with real time updates on through mobile phone, email and other familiar communication devices and tools,
  • Identify new revenue opportunities through share revenue analytics, and
  • Reduce IT management costs through and integrated, scalable infrastructure that provides quality data to applications, processes and people.

Please contact us at for more information on locations and times.  It should be a great event!