FREE APP Add-on for Microsoft Outlook 2010/2013


What’s in your ribbon?  Last year we launched version 3.0 of our award winning add-on for Microsoft Outlook called WorkPlace.

Like most companies, we use Outlook every day for our daily communications, contacts and calendars. Well, your business applications should be in there too. They can be, right within the ribbon bar.


Really? One-click access to all of your important business applications and links – right within Microsoft Outlook? You bet! Your portals, your applications and your reports, all in one place.

And best of all?  IT IS FREE!  Visit and download your FREE copy today.

Enjoy, Patrick

14 Surprising Ways Employees Cost Their Companies Billions. At least WorkPlace for Outlook will return $2,700 of it

I just read this article on Business Insider and thought it was pretty funny.  But then I thought how our WorkPlace for Outlook product will return $2,700.   Maybe these companies should be using it. 

Lost productivity due to insomnia costs companies $3,156 per employee


FREE download!

Extended Outlook Press Release around the web

We just did a Press Release on our new Microsoft Outlook add-in that puts your reporting and analytics right into the software tool you use everyday,  Microsoft Outlook.  It is being carried all over the world at the moment.  Pretty cool to watch.


Extended Results, Inc. a leading provider of personalized business intelligence solutions for businesses of all sizes, today released Extended Outlook, providing business managers and executives with immediate access to corporate dashboards, scorecards and reports, inside the application where they spend the majority of their time – Microsoft Outlook.

Extended Outlook provides:

  • Affordable Individual user licensing starting at just $35
  • Addresses the BI needs casual users and executives
  • Instant access to dashboards, reporting portals and SharePoint documents
  • Intuitive user interface leveraging the Microsoft Office ribbon bar functionality
  • Simple installation with support for Microsoft 2003/07 and 2010


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What if we changed the delivery method for reporting and dashboards

We have built a lot of dashboards and reporting portals over the years and one thing is for certain.  You spend a lot of time training people on how to use the business intelligence portal, where to find dashboards and reports, and how to interact with the reports.   I mean, we really spend a lot of time educating people on how to use the reporting solutions.  It is not because the solutions are hard to use or have to much on them, it is the delivery method. 

Just think of how your end-users get to the dashboards/reports

Bring up the browser, browse to the reporting portal, click on a tab, click on another tab, click on a folder, search through 15 to 25 reports, find the report, click on the report, filter the report.   Now repeat the steps x number of times for other metrics they care about…

What if we provided the organization or structure of the reporting solution within a menu item or ribbon bar within the program everyone uses every day?   Microsoft Outlook.  Then the end-user, the business user, has one click access to their dashboard and reports.   Nearly no training!

You still have the responsibility to create actionable and meaningful dashboards, but by providing those dashboards right in Outlook saves time and money and also has the biggest benefit that your end-users have 1-click access to their data.

Check out Extended Outlook, simple add-in to Outlook 2003/2007 and 2010 that can provide that 1-click access to your business intelligence portal right within the program everyone uses every day.

Moving business intelligence into Microsoft Outlook

With so many corporations suffering from poor adoption of business intelligence dashboards and reporting portals, we created Extended Outlook to solve this pervasive problem. Extended Outlook brings dashboards and reports right into Microsoft Outlook with one-click access. 

Extended Outlook is a add-in to Microsoft Outlook 2003/2007/2010 that puts your business intelligence reporting right into Outlook that your employees use every day.   With one-click, they can get access to your dashboards and reports in an organization fashion that makes they productive and aware of business performance.

You can get a demo and purchase Extended Outlook by contacting us at