Friday Fun BI–Analyze LinkedIn Data with PowerBI

If you use LinkedIn and always wanted to dive into the data, my buddy Shish just wrote a great blog that takes you step-by-step process of accessing your data and loading it into Excel for some personal analysis and insights.  Visit his blog for more.

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It’s here! LinkedIn Analytics FREE Download add-on for Excel 2013 #analytics #bigdata

“Since its start 10 years ago, LinkedIn has become the place for people to network and in recent years, has started pooling the data, and becoming one of the early adopters of open-source data technologies.  It has one of the most-recognized teams of data scientists who have learned to shape the data to create what CEO Jeff Weiner calls a global economic graph. It’s through the understanding of its users’ interactions that LinkedIn is establishing a platform that could put it in a position to emerge as an enterprise services provider and a player in the CRM market.

– Alex Williams, Techcrunch


Extended Results has built the ultimate Analytics Tool Set including the newly released LinkedIn Analytics for Microsoft Excel. We’re excited to announce this is available to you as a FREE download! Since almost everyone already has a copy of Excel 2010 or 2013, we knew Excel was the best place for you to discover and analyze LinkedIn insights.


Along with the newest release of Excel 2013, we updated our LinkedIn Analytics for Excel with a new interface and functionality only found by using Excel 2013. And what did we discover?

  • Multithreaded for faster data/content loading and processing.
  • Enhanced Excel COM Add-in for improved reliability.
  • Integrated Office 2013 ribbon interface for simplicity and ease of use.
  • Several features for in-application development allow for better control with integration with Web services like LinkedIn REST API and pulling all kinds of data content.
  • Better UI control so we can apply new styling that drives better insight.
  • Application dialog showing live visual progress of data/content being pulled.

Using LinkedIn Analytics for Excel you can now discover trends and insights through the LinkedIn social media channel. Enter your search terms and Excel does all of the work for you. If you are looking for more flexibility within this tool please contact us – we’re happy to show you other data solutions you probably already have and don’t even know it.  Download LinkedIn Analytics for Excel Today!

We Make Microsoft Excel Sing! #analytics #bigdata #mydata


We love Microsoft Excel and I don’t think there is anyone like my employees that can make Excel Sing like we do.


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LinkedIn Analytics:

Outlook and Exchange Analytics:

Sneak peek at Analytics for LinkedIn with Excel 2013. #analytics @linkedin


Soon we will be releasing a new version of our Analytics for LinkedIn.  Over the past year we have had well over 100,000 downloads of our FREE app add-on for Excel 2010.  BUT, in that past year LinkedIn changed their APIs and so we needed to update our app.  We decided to upgrade it to Excel 2013, which provides many new features and makes Office app development easier.


I have over 2,000 contacts and wow, does this add-on provide a lot of insight into your connections.  Can you see how many of your contacts are in what industry by their roles?


And the most important part of LinkedIn is finding that next job.  You can even do analytics on job postings, which is pretty cool.  You will be able to download the add-on for FREE at our Web site.

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LinkedIn Analytics for Excel – Yeah, We Got That.

We have been working with the little birdy on doing analytics in Excel for LinkedIn.  Wouldn’t it be cool to do that?!  Well, in a couple weeks you should be able to too!  We used Microsoft Excel 2010, PowerPivot and the LinkedIn API’s to pull data on your network and do some analytics off of it.  Pretty cool.  Below is a sneak peak of what is to come


Email me with questions

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