Virtual Reality #Analytics with Oculus Rift – Yeah I can do this.


Well, with the free time I have on my hands now, why not?!  With Oculus being on the forefront of VR and now Microsoft touting their HoloLens, why not take these amazing technologies and look, pun intended, into the future.  I have had the Oculus dk2 sitting in my home office for a month.  Well, it is time to take it out of the box and create something new!


I believe as we begin to augment the world around us, remember Google Glass and their augmentation tech in front of us, this can be a powerful technology for business people.  Just think of a retail manager being able to overlay sales, returns, customer reviews on top of the products as they walk around the store.  Cool idea right?!

AugmentedBI from Extended Results

In the past, I created this augmentedbi solution on my smartphone where I could take a picture of an item on the shelf and immediately return sales information on that item.  Powerful and actionable.  No need to go look at a stupid report.

Kinect Interaction by Extended Results

Then we created this crazy NBA example of using a Microsoft Kinect which was well received at the MIT Sports Analytics conference in Boston.  See in real-time matchups and how to compete to WIN!

I believe there are great opportunities in augmenting the world around us from a business insight perspective.  I’ve been asked about a few hundred times now what I’m going to do NEXT.  Well, this is an area of interest because I want to get lost in the virtual world! 

Now I have to get back to getting this Oculus setup so I can LIVE the Data and not just look at another dumb dashboard or report.

Would love to hear your thoughts.

Enjoy, Patrick

PS: Because I’m a bit abstract in my thinking, here is an early prototype we were working on at Extended Results.  My glasses look better than Google Glass.  But theirs was at least real… Smile


@GeekWire has an article on our #Kinect application in the conference room @extendedresults

One of favorite Seattle news web sites just posted an article on our Kinect application.  We created this application to show conference room collaboration from a business perspective.  Jump over and read the article that Todd wrote



#Microsoft #Kinect Hacked and Working in a Business Intelligence Collaboration Scenario

We did a project where we took the Xbox 360 Kinect and developed a scenario that shows people collaborating.  The scenario is based on two NBA coaches going into a conference room to strategize on an up and coming game.

We learned a lot about using natural interfaces and will be building out some other demo scenarios like Retail, Medical and others.   What is neat about all this, it is just a $150 device and some software.  The it really brings the cost point down for companies.

WorkPlace for Kinect – Sports Analytics in the Boardroom

This is a video that demonstrates a Kinect application we built to drive collaboration with coaches in a conference room. We leveraged the Xbox Kinect, Windows 7 and some open source drivers that we extended to make this solution work.