Sharing my app’s download progress and a BIG surprise I found. #analytics #mobilebi #startup


In June of 2016, I began the effort of building a new mobile business intelligence app called Atlas Insights.  Atlas allows you to take your business metrics and also public metrics with you wherever you might be.  Basically, having your most important metrics available whenever you need them is the mantra .   In October I launched my beta and finished up in December of 2016.  Pretty amazing development speed huh?!  I’ll have another blog on that later.  As I have built this business, I have tried to be transparent and informative via my blog on the startup and software development process as I go along.

In all my years of designing and developing software, one metric all developers want to monitor closely is downloads.  Now with having to support so many platforms from Apple, Google and Microsoft, tracking these stats is actually pretty easy.  Today, I spent time visiting all the app store reporting pages to get a gauge on the downloads for Atlas and I came across VERY surprised.

The following chart is “Installs by Platform“.  Right away you see an amazing slice for Apple!  Now I would say I’m a bit Microsoft biased because I worked there and then I built a business off of them.  Even in my marketing, I’m very balanced in that I market each company platform basically the same.  But I’m just SHOCKED that 75% of my downloads are on the Apple platform.  iPhone you may be thinking?


So let’s break it all down to get an understanding of what makes up those slices of the pie. The next chart is “Installs by Device“. Because Apple made up so much of the pie, if we look at the slices you’ll be shocked to see that MAC/OSX has 57% of the installs!  In all my years of doing analytics and dashboards, the MAC users where never on the minds of the developers.  I saw this as an opportunity and produced a MAC client of Atlas Insights and I’ve been overwhelmed with the response.


Isn’t that pretty awesome!?  I’m going to continue to build for all platforms, but I will push the BEST business intelligence experience on the MAC/OSX that there has ever been!

Enjoy, Patrick

Making business intelligence Better one version at a time. Atlas Insights updated to v1.5


We have just released version 1.5 of Atlas Insights for all platforms which includes Apple iPhone/iPad and Mac, Google Android and Windows (Desktop, Phone Hub).  Included in this new updates are scorecard enhancements to include thresholds for Green, Yellow and Red, you pick what colors are used on your charts, integration with cloud drives from Microsoft, Google and Dropbox, along with a new Web version of Atlas available to customers of the Professional subscription.


If you are looking for a business intelligence productivity gain in your business, Atlas Insights is your best bet.  We cover every device available on all leading platforms which none of the large vendors are providing.  We also provide the quickest way of getting your data into Atlas without having a fleet of consultants to do a large data warehousing project.


At Atlas Insights, we are innovating and focusing on a #mobilefirst experience that extends to the desktop.  Every day we think about what if business intelligence has been done wrong for the last 10 years and we create and innovate from there.  We believe you will find Atlas easier to use, easier to load your data and easier to monitor your business than any other business intelligence solution in the market place.

PS:  Ask yourself why the other big business intelligence vendors don’t show their app on all these major platforms.  The answer?  They can’t!

Got a room full of MACs and can only deliver analytics in a browser? Not anymore with this app


That’s right, if you got an Apple MAC, why settle for sub-par performance and experience when working with your business metrics?  Now for the first time, you have the complete Apple experience from your iPhone and iPad right to your MAC desktop.

That’s right, whether you are traveling on a plane, train or automobile or even sitting at the local coffee shop browsing your metrics on your iPhone.  Just Favorite your metrics you want to review further when you get back to the office.


Then, when you’re in the office, just put down the phone and fire up your MAC and start Atlas Insights and pick up where you left off!  You can download and use Atlas Insights for FREE on your iPhone or MAC.


Why settle for less when you can have the best!  Patrick


If you don’t know your numbers, you don’t know your business. Atlas Insights is now launched!


Just how true is that statement?  It is probably in the top 5 issues in every business around the world. If you don’t know your numbers, how do you know you’re on budget?  If you don’t know your numbers, how do you know how much your product costs to produce? If you don’t know your numbers, how do you know what each person contributes to the bottom line? I could go on…

After 5 months of non-stop development and testing, I’m happy to announce the launch of Atlas Insights for Apple (iPhone/iPad, MAC), Google Android, Windows (Desktop, Phone, Hub).  Atlas is focus on making your business more agile when it comes to getting the data that matters most out to your employees so that they can make better decisions faster.

Browse on over to to learn more how Atlas can make your business better and download for the many platforms we support. It is FREE to use for Public metrics and a super small monthly subscription to enable the sharing of Private metrics with your business associates.

Atlas Insights will completely make you re-think the importance of having your most important data everywhere you are.

Email me your feedback and enjoy the day!   Patrick

Please visit to download

Getting ready for launch. T-minus 6-days. Come back for the launch of our Atlas Insights


The preview of our Atlas Insights business intelligence app is going very well.  We are heads down cleaning up some of the remaining bugs and creating content for the launch. We will completely change how small, medium and large business track and monitor their most important private and public metrics.  We are scaling it up and scaling it out and all for the fractions of cost compared to other competitors.

Stay tuned!

Enjoy the day, Patrick

Want to make an Agile Business? Deliver data that matters most. #mobilebi #analytics


It’s time to stop dreaming about how bigdata is going to find you that one nugget of gold and start putting business back on track.  Yes, that means making your business agile and deliver the data that matters most.  When you deliver data that matches the strategic direction of the business, then everyone is going in the same direction.  When you need to make a quick adjustment to the strategy, everyone will be able to see that course change and change quickly with you.

Simple right?!  Not if you are still relying on those old and lame self-service dashboards that everyone large business intelligence vendor is pushing.  Those dashboards change months later if someone is available to change them.  But most likely they are busy building other useless dashboards that no one looks at.  Don’t believe me, look at the web usage logs for those dashboards…


Atlas Insights is the only mobile and desktop app that can provide real-time access to business strategy changes through the metrics that are most important to your business.  Update the data via a spreadsheet or just tap it into your mobile device and now EVERYONE has been alerted to the update and can take action.  BOOM!  Problem solved!

Enjoy, Patrick

PS: #MakeBusinessGreatAgain using Atlas Insights.  Message me directly if you would like early access to our Preview.

Even easier when watching tv or a movie. Try this with your data tool. #mobilebi #iphone #ipad


I’m currently doing a lot of testing to make sure usability is great and bugs are squashed. Even sitting in my favorite chair, I have all the metrics I care about on my two favorite devices.  Easy to use and easy to see, this new mobile business insights app will completely change the way you monitor and manage your favorite metrics whether for business or for personal gain.

The data that matters most to you no matter where you are, even at home.

Have a great day, Patrick

PS: Message me if you want to try the beta.