It’s not the 4-Hour Workweek you’re trying to achieve, it’s the 4-hour Workday.


Back in 2007, a friend of mine from Microsoft recommended me to read the book “The 4-Hour Workweek” by Timothy Ferriss.  He mentions that he was trying to figure out how to build some software so that he could just work 4-hours a week, the software makes money for him and then he could go enjoy life a little more.  I guess because he was working 70 hour weeks at Microsoft and getting paid only for 40.


I purchased the book and the audio format right away and listen right away and enjoyed every minute of it.  When I got done, I tried to apply it to my business, but it was nearly impossible because I had a consulting services business, Extended Results, which is human capital heavy business. I felt like I bought into another infomercial and I bought the product.  But this idea stuck into the back of my head for 10 years like all good ideas do because they need to be solved and applied.


In modeling and building my current company Atlas Insights, I really wanted to apply this concept to it.  But again, it is nearly impossible because when you are building and enjoying a company, you just don’t want to work 4-hours.  BUT, I have discovered that it should actually be called the “4-Hour Workday” instead!  With the whole Software-as-a-Service model, you can actually model a business that customers find, subscribe and use themselves. Using all the different social networking platforms, you can model a marketing program that also runs on cruise-control.  Customer contact can easily be managed through software like LiveChat and development can utilize both onshore and offshore to maximize programming expertise.

In my company, I’m basically doing all roles from designer to developer to marketer.  Now that the software has been fully released for Apple iOS and OSX, Google Android and Microsoft Windows, I’ve moved more to Marketing and Customer Relationship in my 4-hour workday.  I spend my time working with my customers onboarding and answering questions which always seems to happen at a certain time of day Monday through Thursday.  Friday’s are basically off days because I have found that not many customer decisions or questions are made on Friday’s.  I think most people in technology sector are checked-out after lunch.

“The 4-Hour Workday”

Achieve a better work-life balance with a method that is actually achievable

I challenge you to re-think how you are actually working.  In your 8-hour day, are you actually spending time doing something productive compared to not-productive?  I think we all know the actually answer to this.  Because of all the social distractions we have today, if you actually focused, I bet you could finish your day in the first 4-hours and then spend the rest doing something you enjoy or being better at your job.

Let me know your thoughts.

Listen to an EPIC Interview by the @GEEKWIRE Guys of me Patrick Husting.


I had the honor to meet up with Todd Bishop and John Cook, the founders of the EPIC technology news blog, GeekWire.  They have a weekly radio/podcast show featuring noteworthy technology news found here, only in the Northwest.

You will probably want to skip watching the SuperBowl and instead, tune into the podcast and listen to one of the most EPIC interviews ever.  Thankfully they didn’t record all the comments and laughs we had off the air…

I had a ton of fun talking about why Windows 8 was Great for Extended Results.

GeekWire airs on 97.3 KIRO-FM in Seattle at 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. Saturday. The show runs every weekend on You can receive every episode using this RSS feed, or subscribe in iTunes.


Enjoy, Patrick

5th Annual Social Venture Plan Competition at Seattle Pacific University @SPUnews @SPUbird

imageI am very excited to be a judge in the 5th Annual Seattle Pacific University Social Venture Plan Competition this Wednesday, April 13, 2011. I look forward to witnessing first-hand 34 individual groups of students who will present a concept and pitch the social impact and financial viability of those plans. Good luck to all of the participants and I look forward to seeing you this Wednesday!  Thirty-four student teams representing over 110 students from eight different academic institutions have entered, including three entries from Duy Tan University in Vietnam.

Social Venture Competition:

Seattle Pacific University:



Get America Growing Interview

I was interviewed by Steve Straub of Get America Growing the other week in regards to our #525 spot on the Inc. Magazine Fastest Growing Companies in America.   I was asked a lot of questions in regards how our company managed to grow over 525% in a down economy and what I would recommend to other businesses to get their companies growing again.   Steve truly believes that small and medium size business are the key to returning to a vibrant the economy.  I completely agree with Steve.

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