Tracking Agriculture Price Index and other farming metrics? Your most important metrics in your overalls


Agriculture in the United States is a huge and important business that supplies food to the world.  There are of course important metrics that farmers, manufacturers, investors and politicians follow every day, week or month in this segment.  Atlas Insights is quickly becoming one of the most important tools you can have in your pocket or overalls when you need access to these most important public metrics.


Our goal every month is to continue to add new and interesting public metrics that might be of interest to you and your business.  Also, you don’t have to wait for us to add it, you can create your own public metrics and share with the world for free.  Download Atlas Insights and start reaping the benefits of making better decisions with metrics that are wherever you are.

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Real-Time Stock Quotes in Microsoft Excel. #dev #mydata #analytics


Do you know how to retrieve real-time stock market data into Microsoft Excel?  Yeah, me neither until now.  For years I’ve been doing cut and paste which is slow, error prone and a pain if you want to manage many stocks.

Since I’ve kind of gone “Back to Dev” in my career, I spent some time over Christmas to re-teach me some basic development skills so I started with something that is personal to me.

I have Microsoft Excel 2013 installed so I started with Power Query.  Power Query allows you to search for dataset out on the web.  I was searching for the S&P 500 and it came back with 400.  Well, that works for me.


I plopped the data into a spreadsheet and removed the key row.  Who needs a key right?  We have the stock ticker!   That is the key.

Now we are off to writing some code.  I’m not going to give you all the boring details, but utilizing Yahoo Finance, you can get a table CSV feed by passing over your stock ticker.  Then you take that table of data and break it down to the price column for your report.   Basically I’m writing a custom function for Excel in Visual Basic!!  I miss VB.


Now, I converted my Power Query into a Table of data that Excel can understand better.  Then I inserted a column for Price.  In that column, I type my custom formula I created and referenced the stockticker column and hit enter.  Since it is referenced as a table of data in Excel, the formula paints down the entire dataset retrieving the latest stock price for that stock.


Now I can take that data and put it into a chart and show the Top 10 stocks by price.  Wow, did you know that NVR has a share price of $1,040 today?  Crazy…

If you have any questions, go ahead and contact me and I would be happy to answer them.

Enjoy, Patrick

Is your business Real-time or Past-time? #PUSHBI

With a simple glance at your own business data, are you confident that you know how to improve your customer relationships, increase revenue and maximize operational efficiencies? If not, your competitors could be a few steps ahead and you may want to think about hopping on the real-time train.

Within a 15 to 30 second glance at CNBC or Bloomberg, we immediately know what’s going on in the market with personalized information that is presented in a form that allows us to make quick, informed, better decisions. So why don’t we manage and monitor our businesses in the same way?


Many organizations continue to make reactive decisions based on summarized historical data, even still using two-dimensional charts and simple spreadsheets to base their decisions on. Just crazy.

Others have automated their ops, resulting in large amounts of valuable data residing underutilized in incompatible systems – an untapped resource, just waiting for discovery.

Software vendors keep telling us the answer to taming all of this information overload is all about big data and self-serve BI analytics – but they’re just trying to sell us a bunch of software licenses we don’t need. Rather than point us toward big data, expecting us to make use and sense of it all, what we really need is access to well-defined sets of information that allow us to do our jobs better. Today’s BI users aren’t sitting at desks and likely include every role within the entire workforce. Execs want to be self-sufficient and managers need to get their team members on the same page and included in the decision-making.

Good thing we have PUSHBI……


Access to all of your data on your mobile device with visually interactive and even predictive insights allows executives, managers and professionals to make better and faster decisions more often. You can break free from the past and turn your business into a business intelligence powerhouse – within hours – and bring the “power to know” to your users and real-time to your business operations.

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