I don’t trust Facebooks advertising platform because of the insights I saw.


I decided it was important to create a Facebook page for my software company so that I could increase the search rankings for my business.  I created the page and uploaded some imagery and linked my blog.  Shortly after that, I noticed in my feed, that for just $10.00 I could promote my image and reach more individuals that might be interested in my software.  Well, for $10 and the option of reaching 1,500 people, you can’t beat that!

I started creating the promoted post along with making sure I only reach people that have an interest in data (business intelligence, dashboard, analytics, etc.) and to target between the ages of 25-50 in the United States.  You get the drift.  I added my credit card and we’re off and running!  They said the promotion would run for 24 hours and I should reach 1,100 to 1,500 people with those interests.

Wow, within an hour I had people liking my pages!  But…


After reviewing the people that LIKED the page, I started to notice a trend.  Several looked to be outside the United States along with looking at these people and saying to myself, “These don’t look like people that deal with BIGDATA every day”.  I’m not going to post the actually pictures of the people LIKING my post, but I would gather to say the deep inter-city of Detroit and Chicago is not a target I specified.   Zero of the people where actually in any I.T. related field.  Zero of them.

After 24 hours, my promotion was up and I only gather 457 people reached.  Not the 1,100 to 1,500 that Facebook estimated in the United States that was interested in big data and analytics.  They still charged me $10.00 for only reaching 1/3 of the people that in my personal estimate have ZERO interest in data or analytics.  I’m just letting you know, Facebook advertising is just a BIG SCAM based on the insights from their reporting system.

I learned my lesson and it cost me $10.00.  NEVER will I advertise on Facebook again!

If you have a different story or the same story, let me know.   Patrick

Finding and Engaging Potential Leads on Twitter and Facebook. #socialmedia #leadgeneration #startup


I’ve been quiet for the past couple months as I have been working on my new application called Plus One Leads.  I’ve taken my Plus One Social app and created a new application for finding and engaging new business leads for small and medium sized businesses.  You enter your profession and let Plus One do the rest. 


We crawl through millions and millions of daily tweets to find people that are ready in real-time to engage you and your business services and products.  You can see from above the results and then communicate directly to those potential leads.  This is truly ground breaking technologies for lead generation and management.


I can even map out the locations of the potential leads onto a map to see if they are in your service area.  Show me a lead generation app that does that!!!  I’ve had several people helping me in beta with tremendous results with outstanding revenue generated from those leads. 

You’ll be able to use it on Microsoft Windows first and then the mobile offerings for iPhone and Android will be coming later this year.  We’ll have you covered whether you are in your office on your computer or on the road with your phone.

Stay tuned!

Regards, Patrick

PS: Visit the web site that is under construction at http://PlusOneLeads.com

MEFIRST! It’s your updates, pictures and locations. Not Facebook, Twitter or Foursquare. Download at mefirstapp.com


Just finished up a new application.  I built it for myself because I really like the different social apps out there, but I didn’t want to post everything to their sites.  It was my data, not theirs.  Anyway, visit MeFirstApp.com and download.

Enjoy, Patrick

Take Social Back! Check out my new app called ME & create a Private Social Network


I just finished up an app that I believe is important for all of us.  I call it ME because socials app like Facebook are great, except that they own your data!  Why not take the best features of Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, etc. and put them in one app that puts you in control of your social data and whether you want to share or not.


Venture over to http://mesocialapp.com/ and try it for Android and iPhone.  Best price ever, FREE!


Capture your photos, locations and notes into your own private social feed.


Just swipe from right to left to share if you want to share.


And best of all your social data is backed-up to your favorite cloud drive!

Take it for a test drive at http://mesocialapp.com/.

Enjoy, Patrick

Take back control of your social media data with ME! New Android app that will shake things up!


I just put the finishing touches on a new app that will allow you to wrestle control of your social media privacy back!  If you use social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare or others, you just kissed any sort of privacy goodbye.  They own your data and not you.

Not anymore, ME was just released to the Android Play store which takes the best features of those apps, wraps them into one app and puts you in control of your data.  All your data is safely sync’d to your favorite cloud service and with a swipe, you can share it if you want to.  It is just that simple.


AND, it’s FREE!  Give ME a try and TAKE SOCIAL BACK!

Enjoy, Patrick

PS: iOS coming soon.

I’m a #StockTwits! Mapping Facebook Stock over Social and finding insights. #PlusOne #Analytics

I was introduced to this financial web site called StockTwits.  Basically it is a very large group of stock traders that use Twitter as their communicate platform.  They put a dollar sign ($) in front of a stock and that is how you filter the discussion on Twitter.  I used PlusOneSocial to pull the data and over lay it with the daily close of the stock.

I searched on $FB and pulled all their social volume that is in the area chart.  Then I overlaid the daily stock price of Facebook.  Kind of interesting. 

Then, I took my stocktwits feed and then mapped it to a map!  Now you can see where people in the U.S. are talking about Facebook from an investment stand point.

Enjoy, Patrick

Tools used

Facebook Analytics on QlikView, Video Overview. #analytics #facebook


Francesco Puppini, you can find him over on LinkedIn, sent me a note that he developed a Facebook Analytics application using QlikView.  Watch his video overview of the app he created.  It is pretty slick.

If you have created any social analytics apps using other business intelligence tools, contact me so I can check them out!

Francesco’s video:



Enjoy, Patrick