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Just like your morning coffee, millions of people will be logging onto their corporate networks and checking the status of their business through metrics.  With all the dashboarding products made by the biggest vendors, that job has gotten much harder over the years.  WHAT?!  Yes, that is a strong statement, but true.  We used to have just a few dashboards to review, now we have 25 personal dashboards scattered across many servers or in the cloud that we have to find.  Never mind the corporate wide dashboards on another 10 servers.  People are emailing PDF’s from the dashboarding tools and don’t forget those finance people emailing you Microsoft Excel spreadsheets too.  You get my drift…


Wouldn’t it just be better and faster if you could just whip out your phone and see the metrics that matter most to you?  Type a couple letters into the search box and quickly get back the metrics that match?   Now you can!

Browse on over to and try Atlas Insights for iOS, Android, Windows and OSX right now.  Get FREE 6 months access to review and transform your business with NO RISK or COSTS.  See the difference in just Turning it on and Knowing what is going on.

Try this with your cloud business intelligence solution. You can’t!


With the Web version of Atlas Insights, you can upload your data from a .CSV or .XLS, you can upload your data and refresh from Google Drive and you can also with one click Copy or download a CSV or Excel version of the data too.  That’s right, you can’t do this with other cloud system.

Inline editing is very important when working your data in the cloud.  But it is also very important that if you have access to data here and want to take it offline and work with the numbers in Excel you should be able too.  Well, with Atlas Insights you can!

It’s your data, not the cloud vendors data…

Enjoy, Patrick
Founder/CEO of Atlas Insights

Give it a try, we are offering a FREE 3-month Basic subscription through the of January.

Sentiment on @Starbucks Red Cup Christmas issues using and @MSExcel


I saw a post that Starbucks stopped making a Christmas cup because they didn’t want to offend anyone.  So the cup is just RED now.   Boring…  Anyway, people take to social to either voice they are happy, mad or don’t really care.  Here are the analytics.

  • 9,796 Tweets harvested and analyzed
  • 9,228 unique tweeters, that is a high number with very little retweets
  • 18% are happy with the new RED cup
  • 21% don’t like just the RED cup
  • 61% are neutral, just give me $6.50 peppermint mocha


I used to harvest the tweets and Microsoft Excel to create the sentiment.

Enjoy, Patrick

MAPPED: Great visual where the S&P500 companies are headquarters using @mspowermap #vis


I used PowerQuery to pull a list of the S&P 500 companies and mapped them using PowerMaps in Excel.  You can see a vast majority of companies are HQ’d in New York.  The color codes are by Industry Sector.









Pacific Northwest


Even a few in Europe


If you want a copy of the file, just direct message me and I would be happy to email you the file.

Enjoy, Patrick