Microsoft Announces Power BI for Office 365 at #WPC13


Big Data and self-service Business Intelligence are all the rage at the Microsoft 2013 Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC).  The big announcement to come out of the WPC is a suite of self-service Business Intelligence tools for Office 365 and Excel 2013 called Power BI. The suite of tools includes the following:

  • Power Pivot – rapid deployment of reporting data models.
  • Power View – enables interactive and dynamic visualization of data through charts and graphics.
  • Power Map (formerly “GeoFlow”) – a tool for rich visualization of geographical location data on a map.
  • Power Query (formerly “Data Explorer”) – enables the quick import of data into Excel for transformation, analyzing and reporting.

Working together, these tools further enhance Excel to be one of the best and easiest to use self-service Business Intelligence tools in the marketplace today.

With Power Pivot, users can quickly build reporting data models without having to understand the deep intricacies of building data warehouses or KPI cubes. Power Pivot does it all for the user with a just few clicks of the mouse. Love that!

Power Pivot

Similarly, Power View enables users to create rapid and quick visualizations of data using charts and graphs that are cohesively linked and tied together.

Power View

With the increased use of smartphones and GPS data, more and more data points are geographic location-centric. Want to plot counts and metrics against a map? Not a problem with Power Map. Select your Excel table, identify your latitude and longitudinal data (or address, city, state, zip) and let Power Map do the heavy lifting.

Power Map

Do you have organization data that needs to be transformed and manipulated? Or do you not have data at all to chart or map? Not a problem with Power Query, which enables you to do quick online searches for publicly available data sets to load into Excel for transforming, analyzing and/or reporting.

Power Query

To learn more about this great Microsoft Power BI Suite, go here:

Top 5 Tweeters at #gartnerbi and some Insights, #excel #analytics #analysts


I’m attending the Gartner BI conference for the first time.  There are some estimates that over 1,200 to 1,600 people are here.  I can agree to that around the coffee stands at least…

Most people are just tweeting what is on the slides being presented.  Not much original thoughts going into the tweets.  The themes in the keynote are interesting, feels like they are taking the Extended Results pitch and reworking as we have been talking about making data more Personal than Random for several years.

Here are some insights into the conference using our Twitter Analytics for Excel add-on.  I’ll update the metrics when I can, but I doubt any of the BI companies their will be doing this.

Data Explorer for Microsoft Excel 2013 – Video Introduction


Microsoft has gone to beta with another new add-on to Excel 2013 called Data Explorer.  It is quite an interesting add-on that brings the liberation of BIG DATA to the desktop in a familiar tool we use everyday, Microsoft Excel.

I will be blogging a series of “how-to” videos on Data Explorer.  Check out the video link below to get an introduction to Data Explorer.  More videos to come!

Microsoft Data Explorer for Excel 2013

If you would like to get started using Data Explorer, you can download Data Explorer Preview directly from Microsoft.

Enjoy, Patrick