BI in the Breakroom

What are you displaying on the TV screens in your office? Let’s put some business insights from Extended Results where it matters most, in front of your employees! One of our Global customers has our Business Insights Dashboard Solution ( right where employees can see it, while they wait for their espresso (the display is actually coffee themed, too).

BI in the breakroom is a great way to get the message out to employees on the performance of the business and how they can help achieve those corporate objectives. TVs easily grab people’s attention and draw them into the message. The issue with most solutions is they are poorly done and don’t portray the message effectively. Dressing up your TVs with business insights is a great idea and something that can be immediately deployed, having a lasting impact to your bottom line.

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Augmented Business Intelligence in Retail

At Extended Results, we love a good idea.  When we love a good idea, we go and build it to see just how handy it will be.   We have had a few discussions with retailers about business intelligence out on the store floor.  We created this prototype mobile application that allows a retailer to use their smart phone to scan an image and go back to the data warehouse and pull up sales (current, targets and history) and overlay it on the picture.

We like this idea so much, we have created the term “Augmented Business Intelligence” or “Augmented BI”

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Who Owns Congress? A Campaign Cash Seating Chart. This is a good Infographic

With the elections coming up in just a few short weeks, there is so much money being passed around to control voting and initiatives.  One of my employees forwarded me this Mother Jones article on who owns congress.  This really bugs me and really lays out how big business and special interest control the U.S. Government.   This is a great way to show insight using infographics and data.  These charts really bug me…


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Nike+ GPS equal great consumer intelligence!

I was reading a review on the Nike+ GPS application and I love how business intelligence scenarios drip down into consumers providing insight into numbers you would never really know.   The below link will get you to the review of the application.  I really like the style they used in the BI Theme.



How the iPad gobbles up netbook sales

WOW, this chart says it all in regards to Netbooks.  I owned one and just hated it.   I actually picked up an iPad and am really enjoying it as my Netbook replacement.

There’s an interesting chart in a report to clients issued early Thursday morning by Morgan Stanley’s Katy Huberty.

The subject of her report is last week’s acquisition of Palm (PALM) by Hewlett Packard (HPQ). In Huberty’s bull-case scenario, HP builds a tablet computer around Palm’s WebOS that not only competes with Apple’s (AAPL) iPad, but captures 15% of the tablet market.


Netflix and BI

Great article way data is king

In the digital era, data is king because when used properly, it can dramatically improve the quality of the product delivered, in turn driving user satisfaction and profitability. Netflix has always used data very effectively; examples include how it has chosen sites for its distribution centers so that most Americans are within 1 day’s delivery, or “…