Business Intelligence and Mobile Devices

We are a big fan of Jen Underwood who works for Microsoft in the BI space.  Check out her blog posting on our WorkPlace for Mobile product.   She shows WorkPlace on a Microsoft Slate device by Motion Computing.  Very cool.


PushBI Microsoft Mobile BI

SQL Server BI Blog–PUSHBI Mention

imageNice little mention of PushBI on the SQL Magazine blog.  We are actually the ONLY mobile BI vendor that supports Apple, Microsoft, Android and Blackberry devices.  The other vendors maybe support one or two if you are luck.

Microsoft Business Intelligence Blog is 5 Years Old!

Happy birthday to our business intelligence blog.   I started this blog over 5 years ago to start a discussion about Microsoft Business Scorecard Manager.  5 Years and several domain names later (,, and this blog receives over 30,000+ visitors a month!  Right on.


Happy Birthday BI BLOG!


Apple Invades the Game Market

Nice article on iPhone jumping into the gaming market and the percent of business it does.  Year over Year growth is impressive and makes me wonder what FaceBook does.  Anyway, they look to be using Excel Charting in their article.