Why do it again? Because I want to do it Better! #startup #businessintelligence


Ever since I launched Atlas Insights, I’ve been asked “why are you doing this again?”  A little history.  In the 2008, I created a mobile business intelligence product that was first available on Windows CE and Blackberry and then moved it to iPhone and Android.  We sold our product to some great companies and enjoy our limited success until that business was acquired by a major software company.

After leaving that company, I decided to dabble in doing data visualizations in VR/AR which was pretty amazing, but basically there is no one out there buying VR software, so I parked that IP for now.  When I was doing some training being a developer again, I decided to test some decisions we made in my past mobilebi software whether they were right or wrong.  I found some interesting answers going through that process.  Then I wanted to rethink how software companies SHOULD be developed and sold over the next 5 years.

Atlas Insights is a completely different company/app from what I’ve created in the past.

  1. I decided to re-think how a software business should be built and run for the next 5 to 10 years. Basically, I threw out all the ways we have learned in our business and MBA classes and started-a-new.
  2. I wanted to build the solution in 6 months instead of 2 years.
  3. I wanted to build the app myself. I did hire a part-time person to help me with the web services api, but this app was basically all designed and developed by me.
  4. This app is available for iOS, Android, Windows, Web and OSX so that all platforms are covered. So, no matter what experience you are looking for, we have it covered on your favorite device.
  5. I wanted to mix your private business data with public metrics sources too. Public metrics have an effect on your business and it is important to have those metrics available wherever you are.
  6. At-Scale. The power of the cloud allows me to be global with very little effort.
  7. I wanted it to sell itself. With the power of social media and your network, you should be able to generate a good customer base.
  8. Love those customers closely. I listen and help as much as I can because those customers are the BEST sales people.
  9. Manage the costs so low that a mobile business intelligence product costs dollars a month and not thousands.
  10. I wanted to do it better based on my decisions in the past.

Can you really build a large business just yourself?  That is basically what I am doing today.  No, I didn’t have to raise millions of dollars.  No, I didn’t have to hire 20 developers.  No, I didn’t have to hire a fleet of sales people.  No, I don’t have a team of marketing professionals.  No, I didn’t have to spend thousands and thousands on hardware and software to get going.

I did this!


Visit http://AtlasBI.com and see the results yourself.

Just released version 1.7 of Atlas Insights for iOS, OSX, Android and Windows. Make #MobileBI Great Again


Version 1.7 now available!

I just put out a an update for Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad), Apple OSX (MAC), Google Android, Microsoft Windows and Web.  This update includes a few bug fixes along with several UI/UX enhancements.

If you haven’t already downloaded, visit https://atlasbi.com/#downloads

Sharing my app’s download progress and a BIG surprise I found. #analytics #mobilebi #startup


In June of 2016, I began the effort of building a new mobile business intelligence app called Atlas Insights.  Atlas allows you to take your business metrics and also public metrics with you wherever you might be.  Basically, having your most important metrics available whenever you need them is the mantra .   In October I launched my beta and finished up in December of 2016.  Pretty amazing development speed huh?!  I’ll have another blog on that later.  As I have built this business, I have tried to be transparent and informative via my blog on the startup and software development process as I go along.

In all my years of designing and developing software, one metric all developers want to monitor closely is downloads.  Now with having to support so many platforms from Apple, Google and Microsoft, tracking these stats is actually pretty easy.  Today, I spent time visiting all the app store reporting pages to get a gauge on the downloads for Atlas and I came across VERY surprised.

The following chart is “Installs by Platform“.  Right away you see an amazing slice for Apple!  Now I would say I’m a bit Microsoft biased because I worked there and then I built a business off of them.  Even in my marketing, I’m very balanced in that I market each company platform basically the same.  But I’m just SHOCKED that 75% of my downloads are on the Apple platform.  iPhone you may be thinking?


So let’s break it all down to get an understanding of what makes up those slices of the pie. The next chart is “Installs by Device“. Because Apple made up so much of the pie, if we look at the slices you’ll be shocked to see that MAC/OSX has 57% of the installs!  In all my years of doing analytics and dashboards, the MAC users where never on the minds of the developers.  I saw this as an opportunity and produced a MAC client of Atlas Insights and I’ve been overwhelmed with the response.


Isn’t that pretty awesome!?  I’m going to continue to build for all platforms, but I will push the BEST business intelligence experience on the MAC/OSX that there has ever been!

Enjoy, Patrick

Still emailing your analytics reports to everyone? That is like 1999. AtlasBI.com #mobilebi


Did you know that all the big software companies that provide reporting solutions that their technologies are basically the same since 1999?  Seriously, there is really nothing new except for some colors and animated charts.  All they did was take an old approach to business reporting and just redo it with new software development tools and slap a NEW sticker in the corner of the box.  Kind of like TIDE washing detergent, some formula, just a new bottle design.  Gezzzzz….


When I designed and built Atlas Insights, I was looking 10 years ahead on what business need and not back to 1999.  If your old system is “just getting you by”, then it is time to step-up and try something new.  Visit AtlasBI.com and download any of our apps for iOS, MAC, Android and Windows and get started making your business agile.

For a limited time, sign up and get a FREE 3-month subscription to load your metrics and share them with your entire team.  You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to Gain.


Data Charts Smarter than you? Yep. AtlasBI.com #mobilebi #analytics


In building Atlas Insights, I wanted to make sure you had access to the most impactful chart views without having to be a master report developer to use them. You enter your data and pick your chart type and Atlas will do the rest.  No need trying to figure out all the different properties associated to a chart, just pick your chart type for your metric and Atlas will automatically map your data and make magic happen in an instant.

The following chart views are available:

  • Area Chart
  • Bar Chart
  • Donut Chart
  • Gauge Control
  • Line Chart
  • Pie Chart
  • Polar Chart
  • Progress Bar
  • Radar Chart
  • Scorecard View
  • Stacked Chart
  • Grid View
  • Tile View

If you add a Target to a metric, the charts will recognize this and automatically map a target line to your actuals.  This is great for really understanding how your business is performing against goals.


When working with the Scorecard Views, you can set your targets and thresholds so that they automatically turn Red, Yellow and Green depending on your progression to those targets.  Absolutely the most important view your business and employees can have.


And best of all, these views are available in an instant to EVERYONE in your organization. You don’t have to write one line or code or to email a report.  Just use your favorite mobile device or Windows or MAC computer, and these metrics are available when you and your employees need them the most.


Try this with your cloud business intelligence solution. You can’t!


With the Web version of Atlas Insights, you can upload your data from a .CSV or .XLS, you can upload your data and refresh from Google Drive and you can also with one click Copy or download a CSV or Excel version of the data too.  That’s right, you can’t do this with other cloud system.

Inline editing is very important when working your data in the cloud.  But it is also very important that if you have access to data here and want to take it offline and work with the numbers in Excel you should be able too.  Well, with Atlas Insights you can!

It’s your data, not the cloud vendors data…

Enjoy, Patrick
Founder/CEO of Atlas Insights

Give it a try, we are offering a FREE 3-month Basic subscription through the of January.

Using the Google Cloud for data? Use it to make your business agile. AtlasBI.com #mobilebi


Like most businesses, you are probably using the Google Cloud or Google Apps for your business data.   Well, we made Atlas Insights the easiest mobile business intelligence platform on the planet on getting your cloud data into our app and out to your employees anywhere they are.  Seriously, it takes just a minute or less and saves your business 10’s of thousands of dollars in an instant.

If you have your data in the Google Cloud, you can quickly access it with our Plus and Pro subscriptions of Atlas Insights.  You’ll take that process of weeks and months of moving data and building old lame dashboards, throw them out and make your business great again with our mobile apps for iOSAndroidWindows and OSX.  It costs nothing to try and we are super simple to setup and use.

For a limited time, we are offering a FREE 6-month Basic Subscription.

Visit http://www.AtlasBI.com for more information

Enjoy, Patrick

PS:  If you want a demo, just contact me as I would love to take you through the app.