Using PowerPoint to flesh out our new business idea. #startup #PiedPiper @Office


I’ve had this software idea in my head for the past 10+ years. A week doesn’t go by where it just bugs me that the software that is out there is tired and old.  Well, I guess it is time to see if there is really an opportunity out there to solve this problem.  I’ll continue to blog on this new software opportunity as I move along.  I hope you enjoy the updates.

Do you just create your software and see if someone buys it?  Nope.  That is a bad idea if that is the way you start.  You can see it in the multi-million dollars failures that occur every week.  I actually like to build software that actually makes money and not give it away for FREE.  What kind of business is that?


First you have to get your thoughts organized and I always go back to Microsoft PowerPoint. Sure, there are probably a hundred other apps that are good for this, but PowerPoint just makes it easy.  Click Click Click and I’m off and running capturing, organizing and communicating my ideas.


I blurred my workbook above for a reason, but PowerPoint allows me to quickly capture and organize my thoughts on the idea I am working on.  I do this because I have probably about 50 web links I have captured and I need them organized so it follows a certain flow.  I clip the pages, think competitors slides, and list them in PowerPoint in a certain order.  Allows me to work through my competitors in a logical fashion from strongest to weakest.

I never write a business plan because my PowerPoint becomes my business plan without all the silly fluff.  I’ve got my positioning, my competitors, my technology, my branding and my marketing plans all in this document creating a minimal viable product that I can go to market quickly and being winning over new customers and friends.

Stay tuned.

Enjoy, Patrick

Want the best steak in New York? Don’t turn to Yelp, turn to Twitter and


There is so much bad news about Yelp and their business model.  I believe a lot of people will just TWEET their experiences good and bad.  So I turned to Plus One social to harvest people tweeting about steaks in the New York area using a radius search.

Why twitter?  Because it gives people instant satisfaction when it comes to posting about how much they like or dislike something.  Much easier than logging into Yelp and posting a review.  Why waste the time right?  I found this cluster of posts right here.



When I drill down, that is Tre Dici Steak house.  A few very positive comments about their food and atmosphere.   This took all of 1 minute to do.


This is WHY cooler and most trusting way of finding your best steak house.  Give it a shot.  Download Plus One and try it for yourself!

Enjoy, Patrick

Friday Fun with Data: Mapped! The world’s 10 busiest airports


Created by Jishai Evers at Dadaviz, the graphic below depicts the world’s 10 busiest airports. Interestingly, four are located in the US.

The largest in the world, determined by the total number of passengers in transit, is Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, which has handled 96,178,899 passengers so far this year.

Read more:

Enjoy, Patrick

Power BI–Let’s Take it MOBILE!–Part 3 #analytics #bigdata #mobilebi


Well, after spending some considerable amount of time with Power BI, I finally figured how to make it purr for me.  Something’s like creating dashboards from reports is not spelled out that easily.  Or, maybe because I didn’t want to read or watch a bunch of videos.  I just want to get my data onto my mobile device.


Right now, you can only use Power BI on an iOS device like the iPad or iPhone which just happens to NOT be my default phone.  I have Android which I have been told that it will show up sometime in the near future.


I got my Metrics dashboard to show up on the device.  BUT, why don’t I have the cool preview of the dashboard?  Must be beta I guess, but the preview would go a long way in helping me know which dashboard to click on.  It does show, it just takes 12+ hours I guess for the cloud service to render the images.



Pretty cool.  It looks very nice on my device.  I tend to look at data from a performance management perspective because I like to compare against my goals or targets.


This feature I really wanted to explore.  But I guess I have to have a specific view to actually use it.  The view has to be created in Power View to actually use it?  I figured I could tap on it and who-la.  NOT.  Oh well, it is promising though.


If there are specific charts you like when viewing on your device, you can save them as favorites.  I like these feature because most people only track 7 things a month and now these are available with one touch.

Email me with questions.  It looks promising.

Enjoy, Patrick

Mapped! Where should I put my startup? Lot’s of spaces here in the Seattle area.


Over at Geekwire, Taylor did an article on where all the startup locations are for entrepreneurs.  I’ve been wondering about co-locating but kind of disappointed that there are only a couple on the eastside.


I guess on the eastside most people are comfortable working at Microsoft to take on something risky.

Enjoy, Patrick