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Barn Pros is now a corporate sponsor!

Ever since I released The Equestrian App, I have been astounded by the number of people using it all around the world to care for their horses.   A day doesn’t go by when I get to read an email about someone sharing his or her excitement of using this useful app.  But today, I get the chance to share some exciting new with you!

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Just don’t find a barn, find yours.

A lot of you probably have already heard about Barn Pros, but if you haven’t, I’ve always considered them to be the Nordstrom of barns.  After thorough research, I choose to build my barn with them.  You can see pictures of my barn on their web site as well as on my Instagram link below.

I’m so excited to announce that Barn Pros is going to be our first corporate sponsor of The Equestrian App.  When you add your barn and stalls in the Barn Business section, you’ll see their amazing barn styles and stall offerings as the default images.  From there you can tap a button that will launch you straight to the Barn Pros web site to shop for barn and stall offerings for yourself.

If you haven’t ventured into the Barn Business section yet, do so now.  Managing your barn and stalls is a great tool, especially if you run a boarding business.  It better communication in your barn by connecting people with the horses and the care they deserve.  But, did you also know you can use it for your personal barn too?  It is a great way to give others instructions on what to do when you’re not in the barn. 

Thank you and enjoy the ride

founder of The Equestrian App

Features for Farriers – Software app provides better documentation after your visits with your #horse customers. #app #equestrianapp #farrier


I’m busy working on the next big update to The Equestrian App for Farriers!  I thought it would be nice to share the progress as I work towards launching these features the 1st week of January.

The Equestrian App is all about connecting people in the care and enjoyment of the horse and that includes all those equine businesses that support these horses.   The first week of December of 2018 I released features for equine business that board horses.  Within just a couple weeks, the signups for these boarding businesses has been fantastic with over 1,000 stalls being created and horses associated to them.  The Equestrian App is helping these boarding businesses get staff all on the same page providing the best care for the horses in their barns alone with connecting them back to their owners that miss them.    All these new boarding features are FREE too!

Here’s a customer quote:

“Patrick it is amazing! I’m so excited to get everyone on it! This is what I needed, I will be able to see what we have available and what is going on even if I’m not at the barn when someone inquires. I just need to work on getting the care providers on the app! You did a fantastic job and I appreciate how much of my input you chose to include, I hope it helps others as much as it will me.”  VIP Equine

Now as I move onto the Farrier business, I’ve been creating custom calendars, horse lists, detailed visit history capture with pictures and a running history of visits with each horse.   These are really powerful features for Farriers because it not only documents the visit and leave behind details horse owning customers with love, but it also provides a visit history so farriers are always in the know about every horse they care for.

Again, all these awesome features for Farriers will be FREE too!  It goes with our mission of connecting everyone around the care and enjoyment of the horse.

Enjoy, Patrick