I don’t trust Facebooks advertising platform because of the insights I saw.


I decided it was important to create a Facebook page for my software company so that I could increase the search rankings for my business.  I created the page and uploaded some imagery and linked my blog.  Shortly after that, I noticed in my feed, that for just $10.00 I could promote my image and reach more individuals that might be interested in my software.  Well, for $10 and the option of reaching 1,500 people, you can’t beat that!

I started creating the promoted post along with making sure I only reach people that have an interest in data (business intelligence, dashboard, analytics, etc.) and to target between the ages of 25-50 in the United States.  You get the drift.  I added my credit card and we’re off and running!  They said the promotion would run for 24 hours and I should reach 1,100 to 1,500 people with those interests.

Wow, within an hour I had people liking my pages!  But…


After reviewing the people that LIKED the page, I started to notice a trend.  Several looked to be outside the United States along with looking at these people and saying to myself, “These don’t look like people that deal with BIGDATA every day”.  I’m not going to post the actually pictures of the people LIKING my post, but I would gather to say the deep inter-city of Detroit and Chicago is not a target I specified.   Zero of the people where actually in any I.T. related field.  Zero of them.

After 24 hours, my promotion was up and I only gather 457 people reached.  Not the 1,100 to 1,500 that Facebook estimated in the United States that was interested in big data and analytics.  They still charged me $10.00 for only reaching 1/3 of the people that in my personal estimate have ZERO interest in data or analytics.  I’m just letting you know, Facebook advertising is just a BIG SCAM based on the insights from their reporting system.

I learned my lesson and it cost me $10.00.  NEVER will I advertise on Facebook again!

If you have a different story or the same story, let me know.   Patrick

Learning to fly with PUSHBI. Now your can take your business into 1st class. #analytics #mobile


Buckle your seat belts and get ready for take off on PUSHBI Airlines!   There used to be a time when business was only conducted in the office – not anymore.  Thanks to technology business transactions happen everywhere in the world at anytime.

Would you agree that one of the biggest downfalls to traveling is the time lost, whether you are traveling domestically or across the ocean? Valuable business time is lost.  Sure, you have WiFi on some of the airplanes, but do you really think you are going to effectively browse onto your corporate network to view reports on your tablet?  Probably not.  So what’s the solution? Mobile solutions like PUSHBI.


Whether you are in-route to the airport or waiting to board – you can stay up-to-date with your business along the way.


Never be caught off guard not knowing your numbers again – with PUSHBI you can maximize your time from your smart phone and within a single tap gain instant insight into your numbers.


PUSHBI makes any seat a 1st class seat – frequent flyer miles or not.  Know your numbers faster, smarter and stay one step ahead of your competition. PUSHBI is helping companies Work Smarter, Not Harder.

Enjoy, Patrick

Get on the Business Intelligence Express Bus. This bus runs on Windows 8 too. #pushbi #mobilebi #analytics #bigdata


This bus runs on Windows 8!  Well, probably not, but check out our PUSHBI bus wrap.   You’ll never be out of contact with your business’s most important metrics when you are on the bus now.

At Extended Results, we are not interested in generating report after report or dashboard after dashboard.  Actually ask yourself, “do I need another dashboard or even have my dashboard shrunk down onto my tablet device?”


PUSHBI is the FIRST and ONLY business intelligence solution that delivers your most important metrics wherever you might be.  AND, we are the FIRST and ONLY business intelligence solution that actually alerts you to your metrics that are trending poorly so you can take action and then get back to work quickly.  We give you the right amount of information at the right time on any device.

Now your bus ride doesn’t have to be boring, you can get work done quickly.

Enjoy, Patrick