About ME


Experience in both private and public technology software companies. I bring broad insights to the problems facing evolving companies.  My passions is for building exciting and new software solutions while building a next-gen software business. Patrick has built over 25 commercial software solutions over his career.

Patrick Husting founded Extended Results in 2006 with a passion for leveraging consulting opportunities into software that lead to unique and effective business solutions. Extended Results was sold in September 2013 to TIBCO Software.  Under Patrick’s leadership, Extended Results has been recognized by INC Magazine and the Puget Sound Business Journals as one of the fastest growing companies in 2010 and 2011. Patrick has revolutionized the way organizations leverage their business data with software solutions like PUSHBI for Windows, Smartphone and Tablet computing platforms. He has also worked at Microsoft where his role was to identify, negotiate and manage strategic relationships with fortune 500 companies and technology partners implementing Microsoft based solutions. Also, while assisting in the founding and being CTO of eHome.com, Patrick was instrumental in the formation of their company, raising a capital of 40MM and growing the company to over 300 people across the country. In his spare time, Patrick is busy enjoying life as a husband and father to his four amazing sons.

I love creating software, it is as easy as that.

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