One of the largest source of Public Data Metrics, and making it better. #markets #economics


Discovering insights and mining data can be a lot of fun when you have access to good public data.  It has been fun to watch the public data discovery segment grow and grow over the years.   In all my years of doing data analysis and development, public data insights is just a big pain in the butt.  Inaccurate data, data out of date, pay services and limited views of the data makes it very frustrating.  Then you watch and listen to the TV and Radio financial shows and it makes you wonder where they got those numbers.  I always found it a pain and wanted better access to those numbers, so what should I do?  Add it to my app.


In Atlas Insights, you can browse into the catalog and just click or tap a category.  Quickly you’ll be shown a list of public metrics available at your disposal to view.  Also, at the very top of the app, just type in your search and I’ll quickly show you a list of matching metrics for you to view.  It can’t get more simple than that to find and analyze a public metric.

Below is a list of public metrics that I have loaded and am loading more and more as the days and weeks go on.

  • Advance Monthly Retail Inventory
  • Advance Monthly Wholesale Inventories
  • Agriculture Price Index
  • Architecture Billings Index
  • Baltic Dry Index
  • Case-Shiller Home Price Index
  • Cass Freight Index
  • CEO Economic Survey
  • Chemical Activity Barometer
  • Conference Board Coincident Economic Index
  • Conference Board Lagging Economic Index
  • Conference Board Leading Economic Index
  • Construction Spending
  • Consumer debt service ratio
  • Consumer Price Index
  • Consumer Spending
  • Corporate Profits
  • Debt service ratio
  • Durable Goods
  • Employment Trends Index
  • Existing Home Sales
  • Farm Animals and products
  • Farm Assets
  • Farm Crops stored
  • Farm Real Estate
  • Fear & Greed Index
  • GDP – Gross Domestic Product
  • Home Builder Sentiment
  • Homeownership Rates
  • Industrial Production and Capacity
  • Manufacturers’ Shipments, Inventories
  • Manufacturing and Trade Inventories
  • Manufacturing Wholesale Trade
  • Monthly Wholesale Trade
  • Mortgage Applications
  • Mortgage Delinquencies Rate
  • New Housing Under Construction
  • New Housing Units Completed
  • New Housing Units Started
  • New Residential Sales
  • Personal Consumption Expenditures
  • Quarterly Services Survey
  • Rental Vacancy Rates
  • Retail Trade
  • Sales for Retail and Food Services
  • Trade in Goods and Services Deficit
  • U.S. International Trade in Goods

My goal is to make Atlas Insights a central source for all the leading economic metrics you could ever want to see.  Browse on over to Atlas Insights to download and see all these awesome metrics.  It’s FREE too!  I’ll never charge for access to view public data metrics.

Enjoy, Patrick

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