Atlas Insights Partnership Opportunities Available! #startup


If you are offering a vertical solution or service to your customers, it is probably important to provide access to KPI or Metrics through your solution.  If you haven’t solved for getting that data to your customers yet, I have a partnership opportunity for you.   As an Atlas Insights partner, you’ll have our app for FREE for your customers to get their metrics that matter most from you.   Let’s say you have 5 or 10 metrics you need to push out to a customer, it’s FREE.  Got 25 customers?  FREE.   You’ll immediately provide huge value to your customer from your solution through ours for just time that it takes to instrument your metrics.


Atlas Insights, which is available for iPhone, iPad, MAC, Android, Windows and Web, is a mobile-1st solution that allows your customers to see the metrics, wherever or whenever they want.  You control who and what metrics they see.  Atlas Insights can connect to your cloud database, refresh on an automated schedule and deliver it to your customer with zero effort.  You just need someone on your end to write the queries, define the metrics and add the customers to see that data which is super easy to do.

Let me know if you’re interested and I would be happy to discuss it further.

Patrick Husting

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