Still emailing your analytics reports to everyone? That is like 1999. #mobilebi


Did you know that all the big software companies that provide reporting solutions that their technologies are basically the same since 1999?  Seriously, there is really nothing new except for some colors and animated charts.  All they did was take an old approach to business reporting and just redo it with new software development tools and slap a NEW sticker in the corner of the box.  Kind of like TIDE washing detergent, some formula, just a new bottle design.  Gezzzzz….


When I designed and built Atlas Insights, I was looking 10 years ahead on what business need and not back to 1999.  If your old system is “just getting you by”, then it is time to step-up and try something new.  Visit and download any of our apps for iOS, MAC, Android and Windows and get started making your business agile.

For a limited time, sign up and get a FREE 3-month subscription to load your metrics and share them with your entire team.  You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to Gain.


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