Time to get this party started, Welcome the launch of Atlas Insights #pressrelease #analytics


Atlas Insights is a new player in the hotly contested business intelligence software space with the launch of their “mobile-1st” multi-platform solution.  Atlas Insights maybe a new startup, but this isn’t their first time doing business intelligence solutions, led by Patrick Husting, who has over 15 years’ experience designing, building and deploying analytical solutions, that has resulted in previously acquired companies and IP, leads this radical effort.

What is business intelligence you may ask? Business intelligence typically covers the most important business metrics that nearly 80% of employees look at on a daily or weekly basis.  This could be regional sales, customer satisfactions, on plan to budget, etc.  Business Intelligence typically refers to the most important metrics that employees and decisions makers need access to every day.

“I built a previous solution several years ago that was one of the first mobilebi app in getting data out to decision makers.  After selling that business and taking acouple years to re-think how businesses should consume data to make decisions in the future.  I’ve now compared that with current software vendors that are just maintaining solutions architectures and designs that are basically 20+ years old.  I saw an opportunity to come back into the space with a new direction and solution that is made for the next 10 years of technology and business progress when it comes to providing business insights.

No more having to purchase tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars of software.  No more having to hire a fleet of consultants to help you decide, define and develop reporting solutions for tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. No more having to wait days, weeks or months for data to get out to your employees.  Atlas truly makes having your business at your fingertips a reality.


We may have invented Atlas, but we met with many companies and had them tell us what they wanted in a mobile business insights app. The result is an app that is unlike any software in the marketplace that is made for instance business insights when you need it the most.

Visit http://www.AtlasBI.com for more information and free downloads.  Also and most important, we are the ONLY software provider with app on ALL computing platforms like iOS, OSX, Android and Windows.

More to come…

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