Seriously, sticking your dashboards onto your mobile phone is just dumb. #data16


I know that 90% of you know that doing this is just a really bad and career limiting idea.  Well, I watched one of the big analytic vendors at their conference yesterday promote their new mobile app that allows you to take the dashboards you developed on your desktop move them to a mobile device.  Why do you have to design for mobile, shouldn’t the data be smart enough to do it itself?  This like 2005 all over again!


When I built Atlas Insights, I really focused on the new generation of agile business leaders that want their most important data wherever they are.  If you design for mobile first, just look at the difference.  Beside instant metrics and the data that matters most to you, Atlas Insights doesn’t require that fleet of consultants to help you create all those screens too!   Our solution is pennies on the dollar to build, maintain and support unlike the solutions from the bigger vendors.

Give it a try as it costs you NOTHING to get started with our FREE 6-month Subscription!   Visit to download



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