How’s your dashboard working for you? I bet it makes you WORK! #Data16 #bigdata


Seriously, how many dashboards do you need to look at to have a good overview of your business?   The reason I ask is because reporting and dashboards have been basically the same for the past 20+ years!  Really, they have.  Oh sure, they have some new chart types, some animations, etc.  But you are forced to review 2, 3 or more dashboards to really try to understand what is going on in your business.  And, you have to look at certain charts you probably don’t even understand or have interest in.


And what if you wanted to take those dashboards mobile?  Well the big vendors believe you need to squeeze those dashboards onto the phone.  Are you kidding me?  You really think I can view all that data on my phone.  That is just old-school thinking.

It’s time to take your data back from the big business intelligence vendors because they own you. It’s your data, take your business insights back.  Visit and see how you can control the data beast and liberate your business analytics.


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