Stay abreast of the leading economic indicators along with your business metrics.


We all know that our businesses run on metrics.  Every person running a department tracks metrics that are important to the health of their business.  But to make your business really agile, you need to combine those internal metrics with external public data too.  Well, that doesn’t mean you have to go out and find each and every public metric out there, it is basically already done!

You see, if you upload the 10 or 20 important metrics to your business, you can do it in a spreadsheet, then you can follow the most important metrics together!  If you are in homebuilding, you might want to follow Construction Spending or New Home Starts along with your internal metrics.  That just makes sense!  That just makes good business!


Whether on your phone or desktop, Atlas Insights can get you started making your business productive again!  And best of all, if you contact me, I’ll give you a FREE six-month subscription too!

Enjoy the day!   Patrick

PS.  You can download iPhone/iPadi, Android and Windows apps.  MAC coming soon!



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