Here’s a novel idea your analytics app doesn’t have, built-in Superheros! #makebusinessgreat


I’ve been working some pretty intense hours and days putting the finishing touches on my new mobile business intelligence app called Atlas.  I’ve rethought and redeveloped this application to not only be good for business people, but to also be good for anyone that wants to follow and monitor important public data too.  It was important to make the app so easy that a regular consumer could download the app and quickly find and follow the United States GDP (gross domestic product) without any assistance or instruction.

But, what if you want to take it a little further, youwant to utilize some deep hidden super powers within the app to become a Metric Superhero.


Well, like most apps, you have to search and search or go ask a friend and hope they actually know something.  Most cases they don’t and you know I’m right.  Right within Atlas, you are one tap away from accessing the super brain behind the app.  Simple questions with simple answers will give you the superhero powers you are about to unlock.

Enjoy the afternoon, Patrick

PS.  If you want to be apart of the early preview, please message me.

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