Want to make an Agile Business? Deliver data that matters most. #mobilebi #analytics


It’s time to stop dreaming about how bigdata is going to find you that one nugget of gold and start putting business back on track.  Yes, that means making your business agile and deliver the data that matters most.  When you deliver data that matches the strategic direction of the business, then everyone is going in the same direction.  When you need to make a quick adjustment to the strategy, everyone will be able to see that course change and change quickly with you.

Simple right?!  Not if you are still relying on those old and lame self-service dashboards that everyone large business intelligence vendor is pushing.  Those dashboards change months later if someone is available to change them.  But most likely they are busy building other useless dashboards that no one looks at.  Don’t believe me, look at the web usage logs for those dashboards…


Atlas Insights is the only mobile and desktop app that can provide real-time access to business strategy changes through the metrics that are most important to your business.  Update the data via a spreadsheet or just tap it into your mobile device and now EVERYONE has been alerted to the update and can take action.  BOOM!  Problem solved!

Enjoy, Patrick

PS: #MakeBusinessGreatAgain using Atlas Insights.  Message me directly if you would like early access to our Preview.

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