Want to use your own Private Cloud database for #mobilebi?  Yes you can! #bigdata #analytics


Seriously, every BI vendor out there makes sure you run off their cloud because they want to control you.  Well, not with Atlas Insights.  You can either host all your data in our cloud instance which is easy and inexpensive, or you can acquire our enterprise license and host it in your private cloud instance.  It doesn’t matter to us because we want to provide you with the data that matter most wherever your data is.

If you want to run our solution in your cloud instance, we’ll just give you a special code that needs to be entered once in the app and it will redirect all queries to your system.  Easy as that.  Try that with another vendor and you’ll get a big fat #FAIL.

Have a great day, Patrick

PS: Message me if you want to be apart of the early preview

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