Just how smart are your metrics? Probably not that much. #makebusinessgreatagain #mobilebi


Your data or the metrics that get created from them are only has good as the person that created the metric.  Well, if you have 10’s or even hundreds of people in your organization creating self-service metrics and email them around the network like crazy, I can bet those metrics are not that smart.  Why?  Because those metrics are not an agreed upon standard like strategic KPIs that are agreed upon by management.

You see, if metrics are agreed upon by a group, that means where they come front, when they get updated and the math that makes them a metric is agreed by all parties.  That is very important when you want to TRUST a number.  When a dashboard is emailed to you in a pdf, the first things that come to mind are when was the last time the data was updated and how did they come up with this.


When building my new mobile analytic app, I wanted to build TRUST right into it.  That means the metrics are SMART by using a standard Green, Yellow and Red to call attention to a number that is off.  And, by providing a threaded communication trail by the author of the metric telling you what the heck is going on!  SMART right?!

Enjoy the season, Patrick

PS: If you want to make your data SMART too, just email me and I’ll add you to the secret preview list.

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