I bet you can’t do this with your business insights tool. Followers. #analytics #bigdata

20160816_011653000_iOS    20160816_025723000_iOS
(tap Janet and see her published metrics)

If you truly want to #makebusinessgreatagain, it starts with productivity.  Labor Productivity numbers haven’t been this bad in 35 years as according to the BLS!  I can’t blame BI and Analytics vendors for this poor number, I’m I can blame them for some of it!  Technology is supposed to enable better and faster decisions, but if you follow how the big 3 BI vendors tools work, they make you LESS productive.

I bet you don’t have followers or people you can follow in your business insights tool.  Even better, these followers or followees could have Public Metrics like from Janet Yellen or Private Metrics like Farmer John.  You know why your tools doesn’t have this feature?  Because that tool is based on the same developer, to analyst, to dashboard process that has been around for 25 years and your BI vendor just slapped a new coat of paint on it with animated lines and called it “new and improved.  Kind of like Tide laundry soap.

I have the luxury of re-thinking how decision makers actually monitor and consume metrics to make better decisions, that result in better productivity, which results in better employees, which results in more profits.  It’s a simple formula.  We all know there are knowledge experts in and outside your business.  Followers in my next generation business insights app allows you to find and follow important authors of data so that you always have the best and freshest insights whenever and wherever you are.

More to come! Patrick

PS:  If you are interested in getting early access, please direct message me.

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