I win! I can support Windows 10, Android, iPhone/iPad and MAC! Analytics done right. #mobilebi


You may have a good idea in your head that YOU think is a good idea. But it really isn’t validated until you take a potential customer or two through it to see if they would ACTUALLY use it.   Remember, it is important to sell a customer or two even before you finish your app.  This week I was able to take two customers through the solution with both saying “this is excellent, can’t wait to start using it, this is exactly what we needed”.

I’ve been building reporting and dashboard solutions for nearly 15 years and realized that these solutions haven’t changed in nearly 30 years.  Sure, there are some pretty charts and interactive lines on the charts, but they do the same thing every time.  You need a team of 5 to 25 just to build, deploy and maintain the solution.   What if you could take that to 1 or 2 people?

My goal?  To completely change how you get data into the solution and how quickly you can gain insights on the performance of your business, all the while, reducing the cost of development and maintenance by 80%!!!   Remember, software is only 5% of the cost of your reporting solution, the other 95% is people.

My app is a total game changer for monitoring business insights.  Don’t get left behind.


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