Business Insights from your phone. You can do it all without a staff of 20 #bigdata #analytics


Yeah, that’s right. When you’re trying to deliver business insights to hundreds of employees via their mobile devices, how many people does it take to define the data and create the data sources?  5, 10 or even 20?  I would guess more than 10.  Why is that?  Because the big business intelligence companies are still building and creating solutions the old way, that’s why.

You have to get so many people involved to define what a metric is, where the metric is, what is the security around the metric, what devices do people have, how do we get the data out to people, how do people want to look at the metric, how often do they look at the metric, what vendor do we use, what feature do we need, how often does the data refresh, blah blah blah.  Why?!  Because people who are going to go get the data and present it to the business people don’t understand the data like the business people do.  Boy, only 5% of the cost of a business insights solution is software, the other 95% is people running around trying to look busy.

Why not just create it from your iPhone or Android phone with just a couple taps on the screen?  Heck, we even allow you to connect to your spreadsheets located in the cloud drives like Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive and pull that data in and distribution to as many people that are in your company.  And how long does that take?  Well, probably minutes.

Seriously, it can be that easy. The business people already have the data in a spreadsheet or a database, why not just connect it, apply security and done?!  Okay, that took 10 minutes and now hundreds of people have access to the same data as me.

Have fun digging data, Patrick

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