Bet you can’t do this with your dashboard tool. SEARCH! #bigdata #analytics #mobilebi


Can you actually search your collection of metric assets and bring back just the metrics you really want to see with minimal effort?  Yeah, that’s right. Dashboards are basically hardcoded business logic that is stored somewhere where you have to find it.  Then times that by 100 and that is the number of dashboards you have to search through to actually find the information you need at a moments notice.

As we spend our time building a mobile business insights app that every business decision maker would use and use everyday, one of the most important features we could add is search.  Just think about Google.  You need information, just type it in and whola, your results are shown in seconds.


Well, business insights should be just as easy.  Type in what you are looking for like Real Estate and we’ll bring by every metric tile and chart that the system knows about.  Do you like one that you see, you can either follow this metric or even pin it as a favorite so that you can get to it even quicker.  I guarantee you will not find a quicker way to get to your most important metrics faster than this.


Just think about it, for 30 years’ dashboards and reports have been done the same.  Yes, 30 years.  And, all that the current analytics providers are providing is more of the same but with new interactive charts.  Wow…  And some people call this innovation.   My belief is that if you are going to innovate, you need to start from scratch and design a new system that totally blows away the competition.  I believe we have done just that.

Enjoy your day, Patrick

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