Have or want a Masters degree? You need to think about this. #analytics #bigdata


Part of my process of doing the opposite is because of what the business books teach in your master’s program at the university.  Shortly after I graduated from college, I decided that maybe I should get a master’s degree in business because that will make me smarter than everyone else.  After 3 weeks, I dropped out.  What a bore because being book smart is not necessarily good for building a technology company.

That’s all good in theory, but that was like the 1990’s thinking.  Today, you need to be agile and pivot on a dime.  If you are building a software company, forget what you actually learned in your master’s degree because if you follow it, you’ll be out of business in a year and lost your entire personal savings.

You see, how can someone teach a master program on business when they have never started and run their own business?  The master program at most technical universities say you need to hire a team of developers, designers, testers, sales, marketing and managers to build and sell your software business.  Learning and building for the next generation technology company is more like open source.  You have to learn new stuff now, not what was written 10 years ago.

You’re building for the next generation of consumers and experiences.  Sure, you can learn from the past, but that doesn’t mean it translate to the future.  You need to fail and learn fast how to adjust.  Meet with potential customers now, before the software is even 25% done and learn what they need and expect.  Be nibble. Be Agile.  Be a good listener.

Do you want to be an extreme business builder?  Pay me that college tuition come spend a year with me building the next generation mobile analytics company.  You’ll learn more in 3 months than that university program will teach you in 2 years.

Good luck to you in your endeavors, Patrick

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