How many UI/UX designers do you need to create a mobile app? I have access to thousands. #android #iphone


In my previous company, I had two amazing app designers.  Whenever I had some wild idea in my head, I would go to them and they would turn that crazy idea into something I could see.  As I do the opposite, I really can’t afford to have a designer on staff basically sitting around 99% of the time.  Design is a very personal feeling, you need as many inspirations as possible from many people, not just a couple.

You can scour the web on sites like dribblebehanced and many others to get ideas from.  Heck, some of these sites you can purchase the templates from $15 to $50.  Need a logo or brand design, another $250 to $500 and sites like 99designs can get you started.  You give these designers some of the examples you like, then they all submit their mockups and you vote on which one you like the best.  Narrow it down and purchase and you’re done.  Literally, designs will take just a week instead of months.

When you’re building a software company, all the old ways you have been taught the last 20 years you need to throw out the door and into the trash.  Pivot your thinking on process and you’ll see amazing productivity gains and cost savings.  Design is one of them, you think it has to be done a certain way, but it doesn’t have to.  Experiment with these sites and see what you come up with.  I think you’ll find more inspirations and ideas from this method than the old way of doing it.

Help that help.   Patrick

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